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On a cruise ship, you have this malignant optimism.Optimism is the opium of the passenger. There is no doubt about it, the exhilarating state of mind that travel can evoke, when everything seems suddenly fresh, vivid, intensely interesting, and memorable-Things have a way of seeming emphasized and  underlined.

The speed of trust---trusting in advance what can only makes sense in reverse

October 2011, I wrote:

 San Pedro-Hotel California

Normally, you need three things to travel-Time, Money and Opportunity. It's the way of the cynic who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing
Welcome to the Hotel @nyware, located on Blogger, at the corner of Facebook and Twitter, right across from YouTuband Picasa ¨You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.

It has never been about resources. You see, I am the Bobby Fisher of resourcefulness, the Cosmo Kramer of planning , the Curious George of predictable unpredictability. >note to self< Rock on man with the yellow hat, rock on.

No matter how low the budget bar gets, I always manage to limbo my way under it. If you think about it, I am the Wilt Chamberlain of shoe-string  travel. I'm putting up numbers so unthinkable that normals will never, ever reach them.-300 ports in 365 days.

Why Be A Man When You Can Be A Success?
As the Morgan Freeman of travel writers , if you will. Everyone recognizes me but I never gain any due recognition., Hotel @nyware hasn't exactly  been the Edgar Allen Poe of knock-outs, the Emily Dickinson of ground n pound, the Robert Frost of ass-kicking.

It's just me, born with a Ph.D. in throwing junk up against the wall, and seeing what will stick.Looking back, it's been the Colonel Kurtz of experiences. I've gone native and insane so many times, but in a Lance Armstrong Barbara Bush sort of way. Sometimes I am the census taker, sometimes, the cannibal psychiatrist.


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