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Doha's most luxurious hotel is stunning. It takes the WOW factor to a new level. It brings a touch of old Hollywood chic  and Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter  together  for a reunion of competing energies.  With pop art murals and grandiose chandelier fixtures, a 24-karat gold elevator, a 3 story  floating spiral  staircase.,  a psychedelic rooftop pool, and 360-degree views of the Qatari capital, it is pure indulgence. 

 Here are a few  freeze-frame photos  but you  have to pay a visit and undergo with your own eyes  to feel the effects somaticly.
Once again Qatar, you are the best in the world at doing rich.

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Loving it and Living it, The dream that is--with eyes wide open. Qatar has its privileges and one of them is seeing the vivid visual landscapes that seem more like mirages.

Opening soon- is the mantra and the whole city is under construction.  New roads are literally being created week to week.

These infrastructure ventures are heroic, from building a new metro rail system to highways and expressways to connect the region.  I had a joke about construction but I am still "working on it".

Tawar Mall Opening

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The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

There is the tyrany of NOW verses the power of YET

A teacher should always be a student of life.  As an Expat, EVERY DAY I  have to go out of  my  mind to come to my senses. I choose Travel to do just that, and it  offers a Eureka  moment where becoming is better than being.

If money is life's report card, I am giving myself a grade of "not yet" — America always offers that pat on the back, that nudge--- "You’re not yet there. But you will be, you can be; just keep going.". Now that I am enough, there is enough in  Doha, the richest country per capita, in the world. 

I am in front of a sports car (not mine)- reminding myself that the best things in life aren't THINGS---they are people and places. I have chosen a life of "purchasing experiences" rather than stuff. It has made all the difference. Still, my inner neanderthal  has,  on occassion,  jumps  in a sports car and  I put the pedal to the metal.
This is a nice one!

I Play the LONG game not the SHORT one. There is nothing noble about being  superior to some other person. True nobility lies in being economically, socially and spiritually superior to your  FORMER self. We can't create experiences like this, we undergo them. It takes time-getting ready for change---but CHANGE is instant.

My wish for the rest of  2017 is to leverage each day. Be kind. Do whats right when no one is looking and love more intentionally. 


Evolution is wired. Revolution is tired. 

The power of Yet is wired.  The tyranny of Now is tired. 

The Earth school kills all of its students---Travel Well and Prosper...and add "yet" to the conversation. 

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