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A Post Without Image

Go away Picasso, I want to learn how to paint.

AT first, I was a little hesitant to publish excerpts of The Teaches Of Beaches pro bono before it's book release, next year. Then, I thought this is not just another car in a parking lot:
Grand Theft Auto---A lot of cars are stolen in America, but not one US Mail Truck: because well,they are mail trucks. When I write, I kinda "go postal" in my own idiosyncratic Ed Reif way. It's my signature;a keen sense of the obvious.I like to challenge things that are taken for granted. Stuff that is obvious is below the radar. Therefore, I don't expect too much plagerism with ,The United States of Consciousness...

Cowboy French Fries, my thought(mare) virus , on the other hand, ---The Unted States of Unconscious Eating--- is up for grabs:you've got two eyes so plagiarize, and pass on the meme! Doing my part for the gift economy (free)dom...

"Remember to start at the bottom, preferably rock bottom. Relax and lower your standards. You're not keeping up with the Jones. You're draging them down to your level..." That's an excerpt from my post, The Sex of Poker.
Me puting the odd back into God.

I was in 6th grade Art class, Square peg round hole stuff...
Mr Clancy asked me,

" Nervous Gervous!What on earth are you drawing?"

"I'm drawing a picture of God Ole' Man Clacy"

"Nobody knows what God looks like", he said like the Vatican.

They will in a minute". I schooled him.

If you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original. Therefore---Always make new mistakes because you are not your mistakes. Doing things right the first time is an obsenity .

You must, however, be prepared to fail, yet being wrong is not creative, but you must be prepared to be wrong. We can't stigmatize mistakes. The result is we are educating people out of their creative capacities. Businesses that stigmatise mistakes kill creativity too.

Go away Picasso, I want to learn how to paint...I like saying that when I find myself not willing to co-presence with the power of NEW, New is the new NOW.
Courage, is heart, and POker courage is doing it with heart, and it starts with the courage to create crisis. If a baseball game is a nervous breakdown divided into nine innings than, a NLH poker game is the in to your sane.
Losing holdem A.S.A.P. is about being normal. It is the ideal aim of the unsuccessful and unimaginative. Ask your mother. Normal is the setting on her washing machine. Normal isn't a virtue. It denotes a lack of poker courage. It’s a vast, conforming suburb of the soul. You don’t want to be normal. Normal people spend their lives avoiding tense situation, Poker Playahs spend their lives getting into them. The whole upshot of NLH is that it be a perpetual crisis that you create...

Well, Picasso said, "All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist when we grow up"--- Growing old AND growing up is option.

Education today is like strip mining, mining the mind for that one dimensional view from the neck up, the drill of standardized testing, the rote of ranking and yanking. "We live in our head" paradigm. and slightly to the left(brain). We do not know who we are until we know what we can do. That should be the job of education.

We want our kids to be 'change agents', as you say, but to teach means to force-feed them an unchanging meal. This too is your brain on french fries.T he real irony is that our true nature is to be creative it is who we are yet we are often quite successful at educating ourselves and others out of it. Therefore: an unlearning must take place---don't worry the brain has plasticity. Aging is not the side effect of being alive. Change that thought.

All easy people are easy in the same way, but uneasy people, each is dis-eased in his own way. I have the disease of teaching. It's more of an afflicition. Those who can't do teach, those who can't teach become poker playahs. Expressions of creativity is the meal that gets fed playing poker ... not just the appetizer or the dessert.

The End Of Aging

Like DNA,Genetics opens the door to human varability. and Medicine, you don't want to know about cancer, you want to know about YOUR cancer.

Cancer stem cells? Makes you think that stem cells are a trip wire when things go wrong, they go to work--- you smoke, you get a lung problem and the "healing" cancer goes to work.

Why does medicine concentrate on the elimination , the chemo-ing of cancer, instead of the manipulation of it. The heart is a muscle, and we are fifty percent muscle. Why are muscles not getting cancer, no heart cancer---Let's investigate.

Is surgery the best we can do as a species, since climbing out of a swamp? There's no0 such things as trash in digital fabrication--we have a kind of molecular lego, where we can resuse--making perfect things out of inperfect parts.

Biography is biography.But we are not our genes. Genes behave differently in different environments.So, it's never to late to have a good childhood. "My Gradfather had lung cancer" is a life sentence--- we're not the
prisoners of our genetics: our cells are malleable, and we can mold them with what we believe. Belief controls biology. We see the world through our beliefs much like a set of glasses with a perscription. It's filtered.

Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles is an awareness that is currently rewriting the science of biology and medicine. Conventional science has held that genes control life, a concept known as genetic determinism. While this disempowering belief is still held as truth by the mainstream public, leading edge research in the exciting new field of epigenetics reveals a completely different truth. Genes do not control life. It is the environment, and more specifically, our perception of the environment that controls gene activity. In the end, it comes down to a simple case of “mind over matter” in controlling the fate of our lives.

The future of healing is not going to be a resolution of the past, it will be the emergence of the future moving in the present. Say you have a stroke--Does that make you a vegatarian, I mean vegetable--Is it all about making you "comfortable", a kind of resignation--Like breaking fine china whose beauty cannot be recovered, there's no way to recover brain function. Thatw as old school. Neurons that wire together fire together---You can make the connections again.

Aging is not a side effect of being alive. We can live to be 120 easily. There is robust rejuvenation out there and it starts in here, with what we think about all day , what we eat, what we eat all the time.

There are no universals in the YOUniverse---only variables.

There is nothing remarkable about walking the painted line. 1 plus1 equals 2. Yet "Normal" is the thing that keep us from living at 100%.

It's exile on main street but if you are a MATH ATHEIST , then 1 plus 1 equals infinity.

Our brains have been colonized by Suburbia, It is a cartoon...a 24/7 TV show broadcasting we are normal. we are normal...meanwhile little Clayton is loading his Glock 9 getting ready for homeroom, and his big sister Donna is turning tricks to support her drug habit.

Marinated in normal, the middle of the road is not the safest place to drive. You are now banished—as an exile from mainstream. Few things are harder to put up with than a good example .

The ability for our brains to change with experience is called plastisity. It's only too late if we don't start now. I used to eat meat and drink a case of beer every Friday night, back in college when I was majoring in Heineken. I know better.I killed so many brain cells! And joked about it.

Let's begin the ten second detox....

Things were so much better when things were so much worse--because there was less choice...The reality of our times is that we are all condemned to freedom- The freedom tochoose. Stay completely away from all things average, bland and safe. They are dangerous.

It's less about letting go, more about letting come. Don't let go of uncomfortable thoughts--question them, and then they let go of you.

Ask yourself, "What thought am I going to think of next" to slow things down.

Something is not moving--Everything is moving. There's no on/off switch to movement. We want to express our innate ability and desire to move. Movement is what we are, not something we do.

Lets move to interconnectedness and a deepening of consciousness.

Motion creates emotion and your life is matter in motion. Everybody and every BODY is a portal to something greater. It goes beyong gravational pull and all our so-called terrestrial limitations. How can we awaken the body's own biological intelligence.

The quest is in the questions: From a somatic point of view----Where are you experiencing this feeling in your body?

What are the specific sensations you are feelings?

What does this situation remind you of?

Can you conceive of yourself completely free of this issue?

The YOUniverse is not narcisism--the inability to think of another. It's EGOomics, the ability to service the needs of everybody so you can have anything.The Youniversity is a school of thought. SO is the earth school, but the earth school kills all of its students. Oh well (shrug).

The difference between depression and disappointment is your level of commitment.

Self-realization isn’t about more, it’s about less.The only construction required for awakening is demolition. Let’s take thewrecking ball.

Failure to construct future plans is depressing, and the imbalance between activity and stillness is stressing.

In the United States of Unconscious Eating, the food is terrible and the portions never enough. Yet we Star Strangled Bastards can’t get enough of what we don’t want, don’t need and don’t know. —S.A.D. the Standard American Diet, Uncle Sam’s unhappy default mode of eating the same stuff over and over again; and expecting a different result. That’s the in to our sane. Our state of enjoyable discomfort is a concept of citizenship framed around our diet. There is something so sociably acceptable---being obscene and not heard. Fatness is a kind of invisibility, a fashion statement OK fatso, what’s it gonna be---Are you an American or an American’t?

As part of the best entertained and least informed people on the face of the planet, our national id has A.D.D., We are free to change spouses, jobs, careers, neighborhoods; but the menu? Never!

The map may not be the territory, the statue may not be the saint; but The menu is not only the meal, the menu has replaced the meal. We eat what we are---- American. It has become the most powerful symbol of who we are. Meat and potatoes to a large extent is the glue that holds our country together. Our baseline “trance” of our everyday dining consists of this choice---riding the gravy train of Holy Beef USDA Prime, Choice or Select Beef: Take it or leave it. Or better yet, America, love it or leave it. Don’t eat the menu!

Give me life liberty and the pursuit of pleasure! The sex of eating meat is something more but nothing less than that, pleasurable. Good meat = good sex. We have on demand, anytime, anywhere menus, The American diet, however is pornographic-cheap and nasty, processed and dead.

Counting calories is like a hooker who looks at her watch. Right? We drive to fast to worry about cholesterol, Maybe ? Yet, amid the silence of our cloistered cars and cubicles come the license of the brothel---- the Paradox of Choice, and more of it, has brought less satisfaction. We conform to a false sense of normalcy In fact, meat now kills more Americans than tobacco. It has become the loophole that allowed the whore to climb into our diet.

Welcome to our shared hallucination of almost the right way to eat---This is our brain, wired and fired together, on French Fries: An American dream that is the American lie, but it is one of the most truly useful lies that inches we American dreamers closer to the truth----The true mystery of dining is the visible not the invisible. .. It is the naked truth. Doing things right the first time is an obscenity. No snowflake ever feels responsible for an avalanche, and we were given a snow job by the snowmen about the virtues of red meat. We didn’t know any better. Moving away from this, who would have thought that our storyline and personal history would provide a platform for growth and change. We became fat, overweight and out of shape. But we are about to change all that..

The right way to eat and almost the right way to eat is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug. Welcome to the user friendly universe of XE, Extreme Eating. It is lightning in a bottle. This bolt that’s about to come into your life is both striking and alarming, and it will leave the entire landscape changed-as you will find out, irrevocably.

The Last Resort days of paying for a ten-day vacation and arriving on day seven are over. Let me gladly share my experience and advice about the wisdom of Extreme Eating---XE, The Raw Vacation----for there are no sweeter words than "I told you so!

It might be easier to change our religion than our diet but we American heretics have put the ODD into God: Laziness has become the religion of the 21st Century. Therefore: It is easier to kill your diet than to change it. It’s not broke, but don’t just break it, break it before someone else does! If it works, it’s obsolete. Fat =laziness. Thin=strength. America is becoming marketing land where no real work is done!
Go East young man for that.or the not so far east of Hawaii...

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A Post Without Image

I find it so much easier to think in Hawaiian since I only know, like four words:Aloha (Hello-Goodbye) -Mahalo (Thank You)-E komo mai (Welcome) and Ono (Delicious).

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