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Yes they have an ice skating rink in the dessert!

Beyond the bricks and mortar and the barbed wire of  my compound   there is a world like no other.With restaurants  swimming pools, gymnasiums, soccer fields, and more  it’s like living an international country club lifestyle within a gated community.

Write? Right!

I like writing . I just don't like the paperwork! Furthermore, isn't good, really good writing about taking the mundane and giving it, its sublime due. In fact, it has been just the reverse with this blog--I have been to exotic ports of call, and incredible destinations- sublime, and then there is me trying to pedestrianize these experiences. 

 A one liners sums up most of these place: 
Japan: "Please take your shoes off."
Saudi Arabia: (while wearing shorts in a Jeddah  restaurant) Sir, your body parts are showing. Please put on pants. 
England:  While asking for directions,"You're American, aren't you." " Yes,How do you know that?" "Because you are smiling, god dam it you're smiling". (It was raining). 
Scotland: No such thing as bad weather only bad clothing.

Food is especially interesting, especially menus
Spanglish: "El Luncho"
Chinglish: "We serve dead shrimp on vegetables with a smile Pork with fresh garbage Dreaded veal cutlet with potatoes in cream:
Franglaise: "Groan Appetit!"

Swimming pools  are awesome

The streets have long names

Photo Op

The Road Less Traveled---The Psycho Path. Here are  these Dudes Perfect ,Ambassadors of Fun

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 It’s not The Gherkin. It's Big Ben

A Man's home is his wife's castle — at Windsor/Eaton.
"You don't own that plane, the taxpayers do! Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash."--- at Tangmere Air Field. 
A great Jedi English teacher once told me, “metaphors be with you"
Did somebody yell "DUCK".
Vibro Gym!
A Business-Class Ticket to Cool,
with Complimentary Mojo On Takeoff.

Oh My Cod!

River Thames Cruise with Sarah

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