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Ah Florida, America's Australia, not quite a prison colony, nevertheless, a sunny place for shady people..joke.

The whole state is a coastline, hurricane prone, and the only place it doesnt rain is indoors...but let us start with the obvious: It is hot.

All these old folks that retire here are doing a dress rehearsal for hell..ok actually heck...and when they end up there it is Boca Raton all over again. Heck is other people and you meet them in the Sunshine State.

Sunblock by day, insect repellent by night

 Yes there are alligators crawling around but let's talk about insects...

The lands are full of huge bugs. They have palmetto bugs..which are roaches with wings. They have 80 species of mosquitoes and they have swarming love bugs that attack your car windshield and grill.

These love bugs, like the Burmese pythons and zebra muscles, are an invasive species and not native but  from South America; apparently on vacation to visit the theme parks., They are very good at mating but don't last very long as they die within a few days.The hatch, they mate, they perish..and if they are in the path of your car, they go splat.
 Overlooking all these inconveniences, three of the best reasons to visit Florida are the ports of call for the cruise ships that take you through the  Gulf of Mexico and The Caribbean via the Port of Miami, Port Everglades and Port Canaveral.
The Breakers in Palm Beach
We Still Dream Of Jeannie ..Cocoa Beach 

Onboard The Disney Dream
in Port Canaveral

Dr No With Dr Who
A Day visit in Port

I need my Kennedy Space Center

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The Will Rogers Polo Club in Pacific Palisades, is the only remaining polo club in Los Angeles. (It's like field hockey with 2 goals.).

Established  by Roger's in 1926, it hasn't changed much. Will's Will donated the park for the public, and the will of Will's will, the preservation efforts, are ongoing.

Today there are matches at 10am and 2pm. I was on my hike-run and watched the horses arrive by trailers.

Back in the day, Rogers and his hollywood friends Spencer Tracy, Walt Disney and Clark Gable would play polo at the field on weekends. Then head our ro The Beverly Hills Hotel for drinks,The Polo Lounge became a popular watering hole and got its namesake from the movie stars.

                  Yesterday's event

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Ocean Boulevard 

Will Roger's State Park

Taking a hike in the mountains

With all the roads you take, make sure some of them are dirt

The quintessential California car-the 1963 Corvette convertible. I'm too big for it now-Not much leg room.

Marina Del Rey

Dawn at the start of Route 66, "The Mother Road"  with the holy mother,  Santa Monica
We should look this good at 129 years old, this Australian Fig Tree

I finally got that pony I was promised.
A hike to the bridge and back-6 miles
The view of West Los Angeles skyline

Polo match at Will Rogers

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