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Commonly called Cape Point, this 77.50-sq-km section of Table Mountain National Park had some  awesome scenery,  deserted beaches and spectacular sea and mountain views.

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Irresistible, is a good way to describe it. @3,500 ft above sea level, it is the oldest mountain on Earth, 6x older than The Himalayas. The rocks at the summit reminded me of Honningsv√•g Norway and the Arctic Circle glacier stones-truely amazing. Happy to duplicate ,Christ the Redeemer Art Deco statue pose  of Jesus Christ in Rio.

Hope lies on Table Mountain-the exact vista that Nelson Mandela looked out from his prison on Robben Island that kept him going.It is an important piece of SA culture I will take back with me and share the legacy.
Our "ocean" view
@The Table Bay Hotel

Here in Northe Cape, in the Arctic Circle, looks to me a lot like Table Mountain

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