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Running by  the chalk headlands in Southern England,
What an impressive coastline.
Another amazing day-this time overlooking the white-chalky-cliffs of Beachy Head, From the top of the hills, you could easily loose your footing, and the talc erodes constantly with rainfall. This time I opted for the beach.

Was here this past September too.

In November 2014

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Great time out in The Dessert this weekend to avoid "You know you have been in Saudi Arabia too long" syndrome".

Nevertheless, you know you have been in The Kingdom too long when....
 1. You don't see any problem with a goat riding in the passenger seat.
 2.You think being liberated means sitting in the female section
 3.You expect to go to jail when a local national hits the back of your car at a stop sign.
 4. You think a red light is just a "suggestion."
 5.You resign your position a year in advance

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