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A business-class ticket to cool with complimentary mojo on takeoff to LHR

Overlooking The Pearl Quarter
 as we head  into DOH for a smooth landing 

  • Hammersmith Bridge-Get Over It
  • Transatlantic Crossing NY to SOTON
  • Oyster Bay, NY-Sagamore Hil
  • Washington, DC-It's Not U, It's U.S.
  • Philadelphia Freedom
  • Arundel,UK- Lessons From the Farm
  • London, UK-Did Someone Say British?

  • Land, Sea and Air: What a vacation! My favorite planet is still Earth. My Parents, Mother Nature and Father Time,  I remain, your fortunate son.

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    Of the many bridges that span the River Thames in London, Hammersmith Bridge is among the most quaint and picturesque. At high tide, there is just 12 feet of clearance, making it the lowest bridge in London. 

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    The ship is the destination onboard Cunard's flagship, The Queen Mary 2.
    Everything goes to waist

    The Mary's funnel barely makes it under the Veranzanno Bridge during sailaway

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    Teddy Roosevelt's the REAL most interesting  man

    The Summer White House

    Very INN-Experienced with these accommodations,  staying at The Glen Cove Mansion

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    JFK Eternal Flame

    Freedom is not free

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    The Liberty Bell is all it is cracked up to be

    "Well done is better than well said"-Ben Franklin

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    English, why do I have to learn that-I'm never going to live in England

    An Udder Delight
    The English countryside is beautiful this time of year. I am here on  a small dairy farm-God Save The Cream!

    The  core formative experiences that all young people should pursue are : hard work to appreciate the benefits of labor, travel to understand deprivation and want, the power of reading, the importance of nurturing your body. What better place to do it all then on a rural farm in England.

    I am reminded of The Law of The Farm, where there are no easy fixes, and where it takes 10 years to become an overnight success.

    In fact, Instant gratification takes too long---Adolescence is a gift, perpetual adolescence is just plain wrong. As I take my annual trip to America this week, I will be hard pressed to see the difference between kids ages 10, 15, 20 or 25. Growing old is not optional, growing up is.

    The coming-of-age rituals that have defined AmeriCANS since the early pioneer days--learning the value of working with your hands, leaving home to start a family, becoming economically self-reliant–are  nowhere to be found today. "I Consume therefore I am" has nothing to do with creativity and a life worth living. You gotta produce. Material success without fulfillment eqauals failure.

    That dirty, sweaty, achy work you get on a farm builds character- I know, I have dug ditches, cut grass, layed cables, hauled sand and bricks. This farm I am visiting makes me want to celebrate work and service and  guide others out of miliniel boredom.

    Just do something!

    I chose travel experience to far away places to bulid intentional scar tissue.  What is ethical about a work ethic,  if it doesn't incude that. It makes for resilency and the abilty to persevere under impossible conditions, a kind of mental bodybuilding.

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    Another Business-Class ticket to cool with complimentary mojo on take off.

    English, why do I need to learn that? I'm never gonna live in England

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