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Today on the trail

Visiting Arundel Castle, AGAIN!

 It's never too late to have a good  childhood imagination, with Rapunzel's long blond hair flowing from one of Arundel's towers down to her love..I can hear the blacksmiths making weapons, and the townspeople cheering the knights jousting.

The Grass is Greener where the water is!

Windows 2015

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Wow what spectacular views this afternoon, climbing a 1000 steps to the top of this fortress, and then looking out on the blue sea and our ship, The Seabourn Odessey.

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Isn't It Ionic?
St Paul came here for 18 months in 49AD to set the people straight.Hence his two letters, epistles to the Corinthians.Basically what happened in Vegas was happening there, and rather than abandoning the place, he was their coach.

Ancient City

Corinth Canal

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Back here after 7 years.

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At The World Heritage Site, The House of Theseus and The Tomb of Kings, on an archeological dig, because that is what one does when visiting Ancient Greece.

This gives "in the trenches" a whole new meaning, as I get in touch with my "Inner Tomb Raider-Indiana Jones".

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I know we are in Crete, birthplace of Zeus, but this ship is docking and is the CENTAUR of, not only my attention, but also the merchants who could use the business
Saturated in clear sunlight much of the year, the climate is one of the best in Europe.

The largest island in Greece, it is understandably a most popular travel and vacation destination. Yet I find myself in a remote fishing village and sleepy town called Aghuos Nikólaos.

"Poseideon is throwing a pool party but forgot to invite you. I APOLLOgize for that."
Leaving The Saronic Gulf yesterday

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The Greeks Put The HE in Hero

Every day is a journey," wrote Basho, "and the journey itself is home. I am Basho on a frequent flyer pass. What am I on?—I don’t do drugs I am drugs. I’m A 1 man National Geographic ON that everywhere trip. The Myth of Homer's Epic Odyssey are public dreams. My dreams of cruising around the world are private myths as I live the dream with eyes wide open.

The Temple is dedicated to the goddess 

Aphaia----on the Greek island of Aigina.

                                                    My T.O.E. Time On Earth doesn’t always read as a legible diary or even a larger than Life BIO that is so off-the-chain that I have no time for reflection and need a ghostwriter. The best thing I can say is that I am ACTING AS IF- As if it had been my intention all along- With that very empowering thought I evoke my WILL and get to say Life happens FOR me not TO me. The whole damn adventure is its own payday — but it's gotta be, and it is dangerous, risky and has the mountain tops and the valleys--- all of them beyond control. My Myth lets me know where I am.

Write? Right!

Greece, I Myth you but The Parthenon RUINED the picture!
 — at Acropolis of Athens.

Proust decided he’d done enough living by age 30 and decided to spend the rest of his life processing the life he’d lived in a book called Remembrance Of Things Past.

In fact, if I were to say "I know what I like." at age 30, what I really would be saying is “I have no taste of my own but accept the taste of my cultural that I swim in,” and as you know, a fish is the last to know it is in water.. and since authenticity has always been my preoccupation, I keep it real right here at Hotel @nyware.

Blogging is literature in a hurry, commissioned works---and  the creative benefits of mine is not only a periodic tool for discipline, but an inventory  and torch for the meaningful life, and, more than that, a hedge against my own self doubts. It started out as vanity but morphed into a place to leave traces of the ebb and flow of my travel experiences. I am stricken with the serendipitous awe of it all, and how everyone and everything is in cahoots with everyone and everything else, just as it should be.

To read it is to translate, for no two peoples experiences are the same. The beauty of the web allows multimedia, pictures video and a visual vocabulary that turns any just-plain-text, from flat to fantastic and add eccentric details to  living the ambiguous life. After all, if you truly  know where you are going, then you shouldn't want to really go there---uncertainty is the salt of life.

We are in the space of the nanosecond. Don't worry be appy--all my social media Apps produce a kind of ecstasy. Posting  is an exercise in being someone other than what we used to be, while staying, ironically and mindblowingly, who we are. It only ends once, so everything else is just progress.

The Quest is in the questions: "How can I do things faster and in less time?" is the wrong one.  Doing things faster is suicide on the installment plan, robbing the future of potential and robbing the past of relevance. Doing things with consciousness is what it is all about.

My travels by themselves have their own sense of scale. In the  material world, they are what they are- unique, stunning, magical. In my emotional world a small thing I pick up in one of these places can touch my heart and the imagination every bit as much as something impressively gigantic as geography or iconic landmarks.

Λιμάνι του Πειραιά        Piraeus Port
“You should write a book” I rather shoot a movie, with Sequels. A Show rather than Tell-All. How can I compose a story big enough, deep enough and broad enough to encompass the reality of my life?

When I’m at sea, immersed in action, I am the protagonist, You can't create experiences like this, you undergo them.

The power of narrative comes forth when I am engaged in the telling.(or selling) of these accounts.

There are 3 versions, First, the edited “inside version”, Secondly, The story I tell the world, and Thirdly, my created self- or RL Real Life (story). Depending on my audience, my motive, or my mood at any given time. . . The countless possible versions of (my story) can vary widely.

 “Whoever authors your story authorizes your actions.”

When we tell our own story—and write our own autobiography, we truly begin to live more consciously and unfold our own myth---with us as producer and director, going out to sea , in an infinity of hope, it's life's coming attraction, where we have final cut.

There is, indeed, the uniqueness of inhabiting our own life when we follow our bliss. The majority of time we never get inside our own lives.

That is the difference between living mythically (The American Dream) and living autobiographically (The YOUniverse) where your wishbone becomes your backbone.

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