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Everyone has a photographic memory, but not everyone has film. Thanks to digital, and my trusted camera, who cares. Just point and shoot, and you capture snapshots of moments. I'm an extremely talkative  person.  Yet I like taking pictures because  they speak for themselves.  

Wish Fulfillment  and The  Law Of Attraction

My definition of Thinking is when your  mind is separate from your  body: Some call it dreaming. I call it using your imagination. It is the preview of life's coming attractions. That's when you can leap long distances,  go forward and backward  in time, walk  through solid brick walls and never age, 

My definition of Magical Thinking,  or MT, is when we can manufacture experiences in our mind, and then later, attract these situations into our life.  The mind IS, after all, what the brain DOES. Put simply, you  attract into your  life whatever you consistently think about.  I always go back to the importance of being Ernest (Hemingway) That is what we are supposed to do when we are at our best --make it all up --but make it up so truly that later it will happen that way. 
2010 World Tour Cruises

2009 World Tour Cruises

Hawaii 2007-2008

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A Man's Home Is His Wife's Castle

There will always be an England, even if it is in Hollywood.  In fact, it makes me think of  Monarchs,  all the  knights in shining armor movies and Brothers Grimm tales of  Rapunzel,  princesses, and royalty.

English castles  are such a common sight in the UK. I wonder what the upkeep on this brick and mortar version is.  If I had that kind of money I wouldn't come to England, I'd send for it.

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Walking On Water

No Pool. No Problem. I have the sea and beach. Its voice speaks to my  soul. Why do "I love water"so much?   It not only permits  my  mind to be empty and clear, but enforces it because  time doesn't move hour to hour but wave to wave.

If Hollywood is loneliness by the swimming pool, then solitude is a walk on the beach.

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Living on a ship  might be summed up as monotony tinged with hysteria. 

The Patron Saint of  Optimism-Another dopeless hope fiend!

Geography is the topography of ignorance, a finite disappointment not only  when the map becomes the territory, but when you actually visit these hole in the wall places. In most cases, it's a lot better to transcend reality with imagination, re-framing the conversation. "Melbourne was awesome", "Ghana? Amazing!" India? a magical delight".  

Nevertheless,  there is not one ship that doesn't sail to a port where life is not uncomfortable. The future just isn't what it used to be. Yet, you don't quit countries, you quit people, and I have to say the best ships are friendships, and I have met some amazing people while sailing around the world.

Impossible Is Nothing

Going out to sea is  the infinity of hope, the preview of life's coming attractions where you have final cut in your own movie.  You can lose yourself in the ocean's food for thought. Its  menu is the meal,  and itineraries are full of promises. It gives you a  sense of destination and the energy to get started again.

The weather is here wish you were beautiful
Call it faith!  A passion for the possible. I am full of it, and shooting from the hip that is to say,   having an adventure is something more but nothing less than bad planning.  When I cold-called for my first ship job, and got it after a 12 minute elevator pitch, I began to trust myself, and only when you trust yourself can you truly begin to live it up.


But I'm not a sailor . Maybe a sailor  with a small s. Living on a ship,  however, might be summed up as monotony tinged with hysteria. It's not real life but an alibi. It  is like going out of your mind everyday- in order to come to your senses; and a fool who persists in his folly becomes wise. After 9 ships, yes nine, I no longer want to cast doubt on perfection-America.  There's nothing I wouldn't do for my country , and there's nothing it  wouldn't do for me. And that's the way we go through life - doing nothing for each other. 

Embracing the life forced upon me, I have had  nothing to do and all day to do it. An accident of birth, being born in the USA,  I won the geographically-desirable-places-to-live-on-the-planet lottery, and have squandered my inheritence in the United States of Unconsciousness, a shared hallucination of "any place but here" and " the grass is greener". 

The grass is greener where you water it. 

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Land Lubber or Lover?
Finally, I am not on the sea, but  here  on dry land at Worthing Beach, with the English Channel in background.Shipwrecked on time, stranded on the present, it's a. gift of 86,400 seconds today. I used one to say "thank you". I am starting to realize, If I had my life to live over again, I wouldn't have time.Point A to Point B has become a lifestyle.

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Out To Lunch

I'm gonna rent my house in the shade of the freeway.
I'm gonna pack my lunch in the morning and go to work each day.

This is no Frank Sinatra New York, New York, , no Jay-Z Empire State of Mind; more like Jackson Browne's, The Pretender. today, while I meet up  with The Office crowds. I am in transit on my way to England. London's calling.

On The E Train From JFK Airport in Queens, NY

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It's good to be back on dry land.
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Reminds me of last season at The Ed:

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May All Your Pain Be Champagne

110 Daze later

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I Need My Space!
Space Travel Sure Is Fun

With a bit of zero-gravity thinking, impossible is nothing!
Let the meek inherit the earth. I'm walking on the moon today. The sky is no longer the limit.

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London's Calling

110 Days ago, lots and lots of sea days, and all these memories

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Ship Shape

Windows 2011

Tranquility Base-The Ego Has Landed-
It would be a lot easier in today’s high tech world, where Google is God, to create a lunar landing, or for that matter, fake a trip Around The World In 80 Minutes by simply posting cut and pasted blog trip reports on Hotel@nyware, YouTube FB and Twitter. Call it Internet Explorer  2.0, an analog world but a digital life. My  future is not what it used to be. And this is largely because, like my  future, my changes are not what they used to be. In 1985 when I lived in Belgium, I used Snail Mail and POTS, Plain Old Telephone Services. Things moved slowly.

I used to joke that-I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list—Now, I can cross everywhere off my list  (with the exception of certain places in South America like Brazil and Argentina). Traveling by cruise ship, visiting  15 countries every 30 days is probably the only way I could have done it. Age 40 was the old age of youth, and 50 is the youth of old age—while I am still in relatively ship shape.

Around The World in 110 Days
  JFK wanted to put a man on the moon. My vision is to put every American man and woman  on a  World Cruise and prove their  world is flat  while  everyone elses  world is round!

London's Calling. Gotta Go Almost a year to date, I am back in the UK in 2 days

My World is Flat

What do Ferdinand Magellan, Vasco da Gama,  Henry The Navigator and Ed Reif  all have in common?  We  all stayed at a Holiday Inn? Perhaps. We saved a ton of money onour car insurance by switching to Geiko?  Maybe.  We all circumnavigated  the globe, especially by water?
Sure I take credit for being a sailor, once around without leaving the ground. What a place to end the chapter, not the book, in the little country that discovered the world is round- Portugal. Yet, As I get my Freakonomics on, I have to say, truely, there is a global supermarket, and the internet shatters time and space,  and my world is flat. Information is  the "new" currency.

Bits verses Atoms

With electronic immigrants, however  outsourced from India  and  the billions of ppl that live on less than $2 a day  doing  piece-work  in  sweat-shops  or agro fields in the name of Wal-Mart and "Stuff", the world is not flat for these guys, it's still  round. 

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Lisbon is a legendary city with over 20 centuries of History. I hope to prove  Winston Churchill wrong for having said “I shall always be glad to have seen it-for the same reason Papa gave for being glad to have seen Lisbon-namely, "that it will be unnecessary ever to see it again."”

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Tourist season is in full bloom in Dakar, and you don't need a hunting license-.

I am having  Sophie's Choice meltdown over choices.  This street vendor is such a nice guy, the Oskar Schindler of African Carved Art.

 I didn't realize I had so many friends in Senegal. " My friend! My friend! Buy my steering wheel (WTF?) Buy my shirts...Buy my....Street peddlers will literally follow you for blocks trying to sell you something. They will not take “no,” even in very French, for an answer.
You see, there are two kinds of people in this world, the workers and the hustlers. The hustlers never work and the workers never hustle and you my friend, are a worker
Molière had a saying-Le plus grand faible des hommes, c'est l'amour qu'ils ont de la vie. Man's greatest weakness is his love of life. I am absolutely misanthropic and strong however,  when it comes to being hassled by the locals in the game to seperate me from my cash.  With less than a week to go, nevertheless,  on my 2011 World Cruise- Bring on the marmalade. I am almost toast!
If you have a tiger by the tail you had better not let go!

A Chao is a unit of Chaos in Dakar "If buying Junk like this  off the sidewalk is wrong, I don’t want to be right."

Dakar is  the  Avril Lavigne of  tourist harrasment. Fine in intentional, measured doses even if it's nothing to brag about or make into a daily habit. Generally speaking, Street vendors have no country. It's an Americon attitude! Sometimes you have the mental energy to deal with it and other times not. My top spots for getting hassled, to the point of intimidation and obnoxiousness,  however  have not been only on this itinerary, They are:

#1-Boom! listen up,  without a doubt,  Ocho Rios, Jamacia is swaggerific---the Sacha Baron Cohen of tourist traps.  Everywhere you go it stirs things  up and you  either love it or hate it---time share offers, drugs, prostitution and hair braiding. "What do ya want, Mi a go aks di ooman dem.” There was a local guy  who became part of my landscape as we docked each week,  who went by the name of " Two Scoops". 2 was the Wilt Chamberlain of  Street Vendors.  He broke just about every  sales record  you could think of,  putting up numbers so unthinkable that nobody would  ever, ever reach them. Two Scoops,  Hay Mon, I salute you. It's too bad you're in jail now with your  friends Snap, Crackle and Pop.

#2. Cartegena, Colombia. "hola my friend...".  You can barely walk on the sidewalk without having locals literally F2F, hawking candy, cigarettes and mobile minutes. In addition,  if you take a picture of something, even an historical landmark, they will charge you a "tax" because it is their country.

#3.  The whole bloody country called India-, by virtue of such inhumanity as the caste system, is full of beggars, thieves and cons. EVERYBODY has his/her hand out.

#4. -- PPL (Gypsy's) will literally reach into your pocket and steal your change in Pisa, Italy.
#5  Ah! Mexico,where life is cheap, death is rich, and the buzzards are never unhappy. Then there is the informal economy  of Gringoville-Cabo San Lucas, So much junk, so little time, so many pesos, The Patron Saints of Tacos, bootleg DVDs and cut-rate clothing.
 "If the shoe fits... buy it in every color."

#6  Istanbul. The locals act as if they are insulted if you don’t go into their store and "Buy My Carpet"! Is there anything sadder than being Carpet Salesman of the year?  How about still carrying the card in your wallet nine years later (True Story).

#7 Paris  Under The Eiffel Tower-TCN's (3rd Country Nationals)“pretend” to find jewelry on the ground and try to convince you to buy it. It starts with  " Do you speak English?"

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