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When the weather's good, there's no better place to be than the British countryside. We go walking  around in the forests, rivers and shoreline, creating our own fairy tale and our carefully nurtured sentiment for the simple life.

Being in the countryside is like being in a dream, where you don't quite know who's who but can tell what's what.

The cure for anything is salt-sweat, tears or the sea
There is an anonymity to it all when you connect with nature...“The Dude Abides Principal” says that there is this energetic force that has your best interest at heart that you can tap into it any time you want. Doing nothing in particular, you feel nature somatically, through the senses.

The smell of fermented hay, peat  and grass makes me feel more wholesome...Then comes Rain. Somebody said, is like confetti from heaven. So even the heavens were celebrating this morning my return to The UK. That liquid sunshine just added to the vividness of the colors to give it a cinematic quality and texture to our day trip.

Courage is found in the most quietest of places. A glance at the white chalky cliffs or the Arudel silage  produces a desire to continue...still round the corner, there may wait a new road or secret stream. We Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. Delay is not denial and infinite patience brings immediate results  and we receive far more than we sought. Alive and breathing, the landscape watches over us and we are renewed. The good earth laughs in flowers. Yet I can stand anything except a succession of the ordinary days of work and routine.We time millionaires are doing something important when we aren't doing anything. We are recharging, re-creating, renewing.

When we go out in the sun with all the green grass and pasture and sheep grazing and thatched roofs, and swans and everything flowering, I say it all belongs to all of us.

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16.9 miles of hiking from Bognor Regis to Goring by Sea along the English Coastline.

I am a time Millionaire with no future, but what an awesome gift- that's why they call it The Present. You can get anywhere from here as long as you are HERE, which is what there is and all there is.

I was an early adaptor, embracing tech and the ipod in all its iterations...and here is an analogy-we spend a lot of time in fast forward worrying about the future, and in rewind cogitating on the past, but we rarely hit *PLAY and live in the present.

As I approached today's habit, a 17 mile trek along the English Channel coastline, i am reminded of John Muir, "Father of the America's National Parks", who said make sure some of the roads you go down are dirt, well in England you can add MUD, made sure of that.

The 3 P's Practice Practice Practice 

Practicing mindfulness. What? Yep.  Mindfulness can actually strengthen our muscle of attention and help us make better decisions. It also decreases the amount of time we spend mind wandering or judging ourselves, and setting unrealistic expectations. In other words, everyday you have to go "out" of your mind to come to your senses. If you are in your head, you're dead.

As a distance athlete Back in the '80s, if  I were to tell the "uninformed " I wanted to go running, they would have said 'Why? Is someone chasing you?..same with mindfulness and hiking in the English mud in December. Why? Why not!

*Alan Watts (who-get this-described himself as a spiritual entertainer) understood the concept of stepping back from all of the drama we create in life; he understood the cosmic humor of it all. He was devoted to PLAY. He would appreciate me being a "mudder" today just for the fun of it.

“This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.” -Watts (1977)
Through farmland, dirt paths, rocky beach shoreline, and the paved town of Littlehampton as the halfway point for  a rest, I put the headphones on, listened and powered through the remaining 8 miles with an intensity I didnt know I still possessed.

The smaller the boat,the bigger the Captain 

The grass is greener where you water it

There is more to life than increasing its speed

We are all Time Millionaires, and when we who choose to "spend" this commodity, the less we put a cash value on travel, and the less we think that money is what we need to have an adventure and live, and the less we associate money with life in general.
I don't set goals. I have habits. Walking is part of my daily routine. 

Gotta draw the line somewhere-God your beauty is unparalleled...even with the quixotic windmills.
Love these sunrises(12 26 18)

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