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Wherever I go here I am
"What I need... is a strong coffee and a peer group"
Perhaps the strangest name of them all here is Usnavi (oos-nah-vee). 
Which is basically US NAVY.  Read more@: Cinderella Liberty

What's so bad about a cup of coffee? Just  ask a glass of water.

Ah Columbia, There are 3 things to buy here---2 of them are legal- Coffee and Emeralds. Having a cup of JOE, er I mean John— at Juan Valdez Cafe. From Sofia Vergara who puts the FUN in Dysfunctional Modern Family to  Shakira whose hips don`t lie, to the Calli Cartel, who make heads roll,  the country has  quite a reputation for exporting the good the bad and the caffeinated.

I'd take the awe of understanding over the awe of ignorance any day. One thing you “get” about Columbia is that  nobody gets hassled/robbed/killed before lunch. But  nobody. The happy go-locals aren't  up to it. They need  a good lunch to get both the blood-sugar and blood-lust levels up.

Still Drinking Coffee, Caffeine is not a drug it is a vitamin
El clima es caliente y hulid aquí. La gente es amable y hermosa de las mujeres.
¿Dónde está Sofía Vergara y Shakira?


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