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Cruising is not a fashion statement but a serious quest to renew love and power in my life. This is not love at first sight. This is love with insight. Love on $0 Dollars A Day, I can’t afford not to take the love vacation. Whenever I start is the right time, so today is the day I am going on a  permanent  love vacation!

I don't see things as they are; I see them as I am. When I am able to  enlighten up, and tune in to The Frequency I  live in this vastness, swimming  in the ocean that mystics call ONE TASTE

Love shows up all the time. At this point, I cannot avoid love in everyday life. I can only avoid seeing it. It is simple, free and easily available .My ultimate destiny is to turn my whole world into a love frequency. It is nothing short of ordinary.

The Horse Latitudes
We're callin' everyone to ride along to another shore 
We can laugh our lives away and be free once more" 

 I  realize my soul is from elsewhere, and,  I am sure I will end up there. At the end of the day, there is nowhere to go and nothing to have and nothing to be—and that’s freedom.

Freedom is what you do with what has been done to you- I was born in America, which is the combination of having won the lottery and being kidnapped and sold into slavery to the treadmill of consumption and the shared hallucination of materialism.

The Soul Has No Personality

The problem with me is that I’m me. Yet, the ‘me’ who I think I AM , doesn't really exist. 

Sometimes doing is not a good thing to do. Doing is usually the desire for something to be otherwise. I have to be a Somebody before I can truly be a Nobody. If my world is a stage, the process of watching my thoughts is like moving back a few rows in the theater.

My complete yet not finished life calls for further growth. Everybody has been granted the power to seek an opening to this freedom and go through it. I happen to be doing it on a boat.

Trip Report-

Without music, my nautical  life would be a mistake. The last  time I was on this 8 Day Bahamas Cruise I was reminded of songs I knew as a kid but forgot until I actually went back out to sea. I wrote-

I used to think that spending too much time on a cruise ship was bad so I stopped thinking. Two  songs that inspired me to sail are -Cool Change ,a top 40 Aussie hit, and The Blues Image's, Ride Captain Ride.
Well I was born in the sign of water And it's there that I feel my best 
"If there's one thing in my life that's missing It's the time that I spend alone Sailing on the cool and bright clear water There's lots of those friendly people They're showing me ways to go But I never want to lose their inspiration Time for a cool change I know that it's time for a cool change And I know that my life is so pre-arranged I know that it's time for a cool change .Well I was born in the sign of water And it's there that I feel my best" -Little River Band

 I am from elsewhere,
 I'm sure of that, and I intend to end up there

"Seventy-three men sailed up from the San Francisco Bay Rolled off of their ship, and here's what they had to say "We're callin' everyone to ride along to another shore We can laugh our lives away and be free once more. Ride, captain ride upon your mystery ship Be amazed at the friends you have here on your trip On your way to a world that others might have missed"-Blues Image


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