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Beers, now there's a temporary solution for what ailes you.--- Beer Around The World: My Global 7 Pack-Memorable Moments   @t these fine Ports of Call.

Stay Thirsty My Friends 

#7 The Most Interesting Beer With Dos Equis

#6 Midnight Cabo's Corona-Happy Go Local Vacation In A Bottle---Drink. Pee.Repeat.

#5 Cape Town, South Africa's  Castle Lager--One Beer, One Goal, One Nation, One Soul-I'm not getting drunk, Im getting awesome

#4 Elephant Beer- Bia Chang. Bangkok, Thailand
In dog beers I have only had one.

#3.Jamaican Me Crazy, Montego Bay -Red Stripe, plus it comes in a funny little bottle.” Yuh no dun yet?”. You're not done yet...have another.

#2  cOPENhagen- Denmark- To which I replied...: Calrsberg Weekend 
BUI-Biking Under The Influence

 Dublin Ireland #1. Guinness Is Good For You.
An Irish Drinking Tradition.

Today in Nicaragua----

I thought I'd Change my mind today
but instead I changed my shirt


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