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Warping Time/Speeding up life 

 with a motion-capture time lapse For This Epic Panama Canal Crossing Transit compressing 6 hours in 60 seconds. I used the memory of the April 2011 St Louis Van Halen Concert I went to with Bob, my brother, as inspiration.

The Panama Canal is an engineering marvel,

 with three series of locks lifting ships 85 feet above sea level, to cross the Continental Divide and one of the world’s largest manmade lakes. The 50-mile transit typically takes about nine hours, depending on traffic, and cost Island Pricness Cruises about $150,000 for our transit two days ago , which is considerably more than the 38 cents by a man who in 1928 swam the canal, but also considerably less then the highest paying ship, the Disney Magic. She broke the transit record on May 2011. The Panama Canal Authority dinged them because of container congestion.

Now that the U.S. economy is no longer in full and uber achievement mode and people have  lost faith in AmeriCAN financial and political institutions...Heads Up!  for the ultimate test of cerebral fitness.

No one could really get on board with my assertion that laziness is the religion of the 20th century. Furthermore, cruising is when it finds respectability. It is the new blue chip thing to do: Nothing.
I'm living my dream of PT-Permanent Travel, also known as "Mini Retirements"  Read more:

 St Marteen-From Monk To (Time) Millionaire

I gently reminded  AmeriCANS that we should get ready for the biggest cataclysmic event since those planes hit the buildings in 2001---It’s called the magic of letting go. Read More:

 An I For An Island Makes The Whole World Kind

With  me as producer and director in my own movie with final cut-- the lazy anti-hero, The Dude, that I  might somehow be someone to look up to or emulate . "People say that what we are all seeking is a meaning for life. I don't think this is what we're really seeking. I think what we're seeking is an experience of being alive." JC

The Gospel According to Eat Pray and Love Cruising

There aren't any problems at sea. only situations. Cruising hasn't solved my "situations" it subsidizes them!

Read More:

 Eat, Pray and Cruise

"The looser I keep it, the more 'Dude' I seems to be"
The Urban Monk is an attitude, no strings attached, living in this world but not of this world, telecommuting at location neutral, Hotel @nyware. Home is where my computer is.More than that, Be A Nobody. Of  course you have to be a somebody before you can be a nobody.
 No biggie I'm just one of  the 36 souls on the planet  at any given moment who are pure, righteous, and  mostly unaware that the fate of the world rests with them. Until now-wow what a responsibility brotherly love is.
As a Once and future dude, my  epic, meandering tale(s), just might be like Sir Galahad's mission to retrieve the Holy Grail.

First, you have to shave your head" is the life sentence to my great American novel life
 ---"Hair today.Gone tomorrow" Gone to Maui too. The best "career move" I ever made
This ceaseless labor and cycle that never ends---the absurd repetition and meaninglessness of traveling around the world   gets mined for—and sometimes creates—spiritual gold  for me. 

AmeriCANS repeat after me------I can achieve without a weave—Join the union. Be Brave and Shave your head! Bald is a hair color.

Still Abiding After All These Years: The Lai’d-Back World of Ed Reif

Am I eternally cursed like The Myth of  Sisyphus, the  Greek hero damned to endlessly toil by repeatedly  pushing  a rock up a hill ...  that ends up rolling back down again and again  as I realize  Success is continued enthusiasm despite failure after failure-because success without fulfillment is failure.
Traveling, nevertheless, is like shaving-If I don’t do it every day I start to feel like a bum—Maybe I am a slacker  and burnout—but the rest of the planet, Yo  Heads Up—I agree with the FB comment of Gary Stroud, my high school English teacher---The Dude abides.


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