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The new(er) port of Falmouth looks so colonial and British Empire Authentic.  Sailed here several times this decade, with RCC, MSC and like today, Disney
Just Do It...Later  Swish.. with Red Stripe Beer

Traditional colonial tin roof dwelling


Rain or shine, I got you covered

One can imagine sugar cane merchants, the red clay roads leading to their plantations and "servants" burning and cropping the fields to harvest the cane; mixed with the sweet smell of molasses, a by product from refining  the white gold.

This was a bygone  time before Sweet and Low and  Splenda.
No to Decaf, and Sugar Substitutes, with zero calories.
The bittersweet fact remains,  African slaves, who outnumbered the Europeans 10 to 1, did all the labour.The effects I have come to know through Reggae music. Bob Marley's Redemption Song, vividly tells how awful the slave trade was.
2015 Disney Magic Pier Group berthing us safely
2014 The view from Deck 12 of the Navigator of the Seas . And from land, Docking next to The Freedom of the Seas
I started sailing here in 2009(MSC)Still amazing

The precip is fine mist that never creates puddles.Cool!

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There is a fleet of tenders transporting 10,0000+ cruise guests to the island, serving the 5 ships anchored. They will inhabit Grand Cayman  for 6 hours or less... reminds me of  that picturesque floating city, Venice, a city that by day has a bigger tourist population than local residents.

Last year, 1.9 million cruise passengers visited the Cayman Islands bringing in $200m (22% of tourism revenue) while 460,000 overnight tourists brought in $680m (78% of tourism revenue). The ships aren't the only thing parked here. Liquid assets as well.

Where Wall Street Meets Main Street

A trillion+ US dollars are parked here, most of it in trust and hedge funds. Over 19,000 entities doing business here (well-on paper) you know like in Newport Beach, CA Mailbox etc. It's the Delaware of the Caribbean. With a big helping of Hollywood, and The Firm, this place had become a global villain. A sunny place for shady people?  Nah. Just a place with no corporate income tax.

A fool and his money are lucky enough to get together
 in the first place, but if they do, they visit the Cayman Islands.
Some stay..Been coming here for a decade

Helicopters don't fly... they just beat the air into submission.
Last time I was Up in The Air in one of these  was  New Zealand

Ferbuary 2015 Partly cloudy with a chance of Paradise. Great stopover on  our  50 Shades of Blue Tour.Grand Cayman, like The Postman, always delivers.

Got Fish?  Simply Red Snapper look  Awesome.

January 2013

February 2012

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Everything that happens once will never happen again; but everything that happens twice, will surely happen again...and again...and again. 4 weeks at sea.
Another day in..well...paradise. Greetings from the user-friendly universe of another Caribbean island. Shoveling sunshine instead of snow. There are still the occasional rain showers. Overall, the climate is agreeable.

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New Year and a day in The US Virgin Islands. After   a mile walk around the deck we witnessed the sun rising against the Caribbean blue ocean. Spectacular. As we bring in the new day, still thinking about the souvenirs from YESterday.

Last night we celebrated onboard the Disney Fantasy.

When it comes to Disney royalty, you can’t get much cooler than Elsa and Anna. We started the evening with the movie Frozen 2 and its takeaway of ..when under pressure, do the next best thing, was noteworthy.

We all had our own fireworks display to bring in the New Year, Setting things on fire on a ship? Yep...

Wow. Shooting fireworks from a cruiseship. Who does it? Disney of course.. Truly rocket science with these controlled explosions.- safety is of the utmost, wind direction and execution. Well done Entertainment Department!

Deck 11 is the heart of the ship and the life of the party!

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What a year- last day spent on Tortola after a morning sail.

Mother Nature and Father Time. These island paradises are their offspring.

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Today on Disney's Private Island 

This  1000 acres  in the Bahamas, is a Disney Cruise Line port of call. In answer to the question: "When Is The Copy Better Than The Original?" This would be it.

Back In The Saddle 7 years to the date

I am not talking about staged authenticity, like my visits to Papette Tahiti or Aloha Friday in Hawaii. This is the best of the best, an I for an Island. It wasn't always so wholesome.

Once  used as a stop for  smugglers.Think “Snow White” or “White Snow”
There is an airstrip on the island, but it is no longer in regular use nor maintained. It's unusual isolation becomes, in its own way, a paradise-somewhere in the Bahamas..

It is not Gilligan's Island but it has also been used for filming; the beach where Tom Hanks first encounters Daryl Hannah in Splash is on the island.

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I feel like I stepped into a time.machine...

Sarah as navigator, my magnetic North and compass
The Eastern and Western Carribean routes. The one thing I enjoy in these parts was/is drinking fresh coconut water. Now it is on the shelves of all the supermercados., but back in 2009, it was old school split-it-open with a machete and serve.

Old San Juan a decade ago on MSC

Next week we will be sailing to Grand Cayman Island......where there is An Embarrassment Of Coconuts

Coo coo for coconuts
Coco Vita is tired, Caymania au natural is wired. Loved by health nuts and Hollywood royalty, coconut water is the "new" health drink. It's almost as good as a blood transfusion, It slows down ageing, smooths your skin; regulates blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol; and it's good for digestive health. Every port of call, I make a habit of drinking some.

Today, I bought a whole quart.

Coconut water is the purest liquid on earth, second only to H20. It's anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. This is one of those rare super foods. I am taking The Cure. 

 Coconut's Magic Puts an Infinite Smile on my face It is full of electrolytes, calcium and magnesium. An average size coconut has more potassium (at about 294 mg) than most sports drinks (117 mg). It stimulates metabolism. Coconut Water has more food value than whole milk; is a Natural Isotonic Beverage - The same level we have in our blood; and, it contains lauric acid, which is present in human mother's milk. Ma Ma Mia!

Around The World in 80 Coconuts

San Juan del Sur- Nicaragua-Coconut Quest Redux

Dominica-When you're born into this world, you're given
 a ticket to the freak show. If you're born in America you
get a front row seat. Island life is Project Manana
 Bananas  Over Coconuts!

Thailand-Coconut Magic-'m coo coo for Coconuts--- They are anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-microbial. I'm up to six a day.The water is the purest liquid second only to water itself. It is full of electrolytes, calcium and magnesium. An average size coconut has more potassium (at about 294 mg) than most sports drinks (117 mg). More @ All Thai'd Up

If St Maarten is the Mitt Romney of vacation destinations---self restraint in an age of rage,
 then Barbados is the Keith Richards of the Caribbean--it's over the hill,
showing signs of age but can still belt out the kareoke hits of Paradise it once sang. Read More @ Barbados

Costa Rica
Generation RX---The Doctor delivers some more coconut magic water!

Somewhere in  Central America??

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