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Another amazing day-this time overlooking the White Chalky cliffs of  Beachy Head, United Kingdom

The Other side of the cliff- You could easily loose your footing, and the chalk erodes constantly with rainfall-

The Empire Strikes Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack- November 2013 , in the Middle East
chasing sheep and November 2014
Same Day Different Year Sailing On Board Disney Wonder in 2011
and Holland America Noordam in 2012

The View from the Crystal Serenity after 110 Days at Sea 2011 World Cruise

- - -- by Ed Reif»
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Beauty is Unity in Variety

When I rowed on the Charles River (1980), the  state of flow was often triggered.  It's that place where action and awareness merge, and you feel a tremendous amount of self control and focus.  What is even more amazing is the total lack of emotion(s) in this spaciousness You can't create experiences like this, you undergo them. Today, in Henley-On-Thames, I jump into a light single and skull down the river-someday is the longest day of the week, but someday I'm rowing down The Thames!For sure. 

The Secret is about results, flow is about process rather than achievement. The ends  justify the means is about the outcome. Flow  is means without ends-the joy is simply doing it, but doing it optimally is, nonetheless  the consequence.

Travels Chemical Romance- DOPE-amine

20,ooo Leagues Into My Brain, the 3lb Universe  and The Travel Molecule. Our brains aren't computers-they are quantum fields of gold! Belive me 

Flow  is a lose of self but  Peak experience(s)  leave me with a sense of self.  My brain makes me travel. Even thinking about leaving a port of call for some imagiNATION generates a roller coaster ride of  flight and fantasy ---a flood of dopamine that signals to my body that something good has or is about to happen.

Dopamine is a swiss army knife that does a lot of jobs, but the thing Mr. Science notices most is that it regulates reward. When I travel to some far away place, it's a dopamine spike that's responsible for the thrill that follows.  Drugs, legal and illegal-mimic the actions of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a chemical which makes us feel elated; crystal meth is so addictive because it releases dopamine. More than that, The brain images of drug addicts who are about to take another hit are indistinguishable from those of  sailors who are at sea (I am making this up).

Peak Experiences  provide water/landmarks of positive experiences that  I can recall and savor throughout the rest of my life or as I have come to know it-the stopover between being and oblivion,  that blissful repose of nothingness. 
York, UK last month

Mysticism and Exaggeration  ---"Holy Cow!" hyperbole go together 

PE's  are those moments, gone in 60 seconds to  a few minutes, where I feel my  highest levels of happiness, synchronicity and  promise.  It's real magic where my consciousness becomes storyteller. The teachable moment being: PE's  insinuate  the recognition that my own powers are far greater than I  imagined them to ever be.

I have had so many of these  PE's  while sailing. It's no stretch---Nature has a way of showing up and producing wonder, awe, or ecstasy. 
The Welsh Countryside this week

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Oxford is known as the "city of dreaming spires", a term coined by poet Matthew Arnold.Visited here today.

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Visited  Bath, today a city so beautiful and special that it has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

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Stepping back in time,, a perfect retreat in the beautiful North Wales countryside...Another lucky day in England
Holy Cow

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The London Water Taxi is another way to get around the city-it may not be the fastest but today it was certainly the coolest- seeing the landmarks and place names that I have only  known  from the London Underground, was a connect the dots experience giving  it more shape.

I also took a few buses- and that combined with the water taxi, added to my relational memory of  "Where am I" spatially. I get London now a lot better.

Walking from street to street untethered to my phone,  helped alleviate the  "text neck" of  looking down at Google Maps, blindly  following  them all the time.

Here is a video of  the Water taxi cruising down The Thames:

What's Up? I mean-WatsON

Oye Como Va The Underground...

With its circle logo, distinctive trains and user friendly map, few landmarks of  England  are as iconic as  The London Underground.
Below Mother Nature is Mother London herself-the electrified spaghetti of  the cities entire multi-layered infrastructure.  Until I can navigate the highs and lows,quirks and anomalies of this system , I couldn’t possibly call myself a Londoner.

I have my favorite already: The Victoria Line. It is used by 200 million passengers each year, And today I was one of them. I changed there for the Bakerloo Line and Piccadilly Lines .

Today I was at Baker Street and it seemed so much smaller- because the growth of the subway was just piecemeal and sprawling.The major tube upgrades, face lifts and new stations are simply spliced on to  the  old existing system.

This week there was a strike- there was some overcrowding, delays and cancellations on Tuesday.

I was really impressed with the quality and variety of Subway Musicians or Buskers-who have to audition for the right to freely play in The Tube Stations-I shot a quick video of this dude playing Carlos Santana's Black Magic Woman. 

- - -- by Ed Reif»
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Annual September fair dating from 1261, The Findin Sheep Fair is sooooooooooo English-I Love it. Here are some photos and a video of the days events.

Rare Breeds Going For The Blue Ribbon First Place

Ram Tough- The Symbol of DetermiNATION!
Looks like my old Windows XP Desktop background-Findon Valley
Here is the Sheep Sale of 1938