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So Much To Sea

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Cruisers, talk to each other, and  influences each other.  So progress gets amplified through WOM, Word of Mouth..  The more people who have ocean cruised, the more who will tell others, the more who will want to take an ocean cruise too. I am doing my part by blogging about my travels.
Here are my TOP 9 SWEET SPOTS-

1. Santorini, Greece

Let The Orinoco Flow

2.Maldives, Islands

Consciousness Is Wireless

3. Bora Bora

Tahiti-Stopover In Paradise

4. The Fjords of Norway

Mother Nature and Father Time Are Effin Special

5. The Fjords of New Zealand

Milford Sound-Are We There Yet?

6.Full World Cruise

L.A.To London in 110 Days

7. The Oasis Of The Seas

Game Changer- The Ship IS the destination. Remarkable. This  225,282-ton, 5,400-passenger colossus that cost Royal Caribbean $1.4 billion. 

 It only ends once-anything before that is just progress
Too much cruise ship? Quantity is its own kind of quality.


Honorable Mention-The Hawaiian Islands
1994-My First Ship -
A Rust Bucket- SS Constitution(a glorified ferry) with a lot of heart
known  as "American Hawaii Cruises"

The Hawaiian Islands

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Great stopover on My 50 Shades of Blue Tour.Grand Cayman, like The Postman, always delivers.
Partly cloudy with a chance of Paradise. 

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5K Run Just Done It...Swish

Time Machine

Age 40 is the old age of youth--had 8% body fat and a six pack,  I ran the Los Angeles Marathon, Now A Decade+ is the youth of old age---when I traveled 45 countries, by land, sea, air, foot and bicycle. It's like the unplugged version of Eric Clapton's Layla. I jog!

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The Delaware of the Pacific, A trillion+ US dollars are parked here, most of it in trust and hedge funds. Over 19,000 entities doing business here (well-on paper).

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Anytime IS Key West Time

Procrastinate Now

Key West (KW) Has A Crush On Me

 Key West has an  idea on how to spend  time: Do nothing. This is the "personality"  and PACE of KW. Once you make the conscious choice to  tune into it, the ocean awaits---it's the space between things.

Music is the space between the notes. What is the space between MY notes? My souls rhythm. It leaves room for surprise and anticipation. Being at sea for a few days, I went on a digital diet-no internet. Spaces were created by holding back information-It works.

The Japanese concept of Ma,(negative space, pause, The Gap) is in full bloom.  Essentially, what is NOT going to happen today! Taking it easy, allowing things to happen rather than Being Busy.

When I lived in Tokyo, nobody ever said no. One of the ways Nihon Jins said no, was the time they took between saying YES. That long pause is the space between things. Yes I Don't--

I didn't get it (The Joy of "wasting" time) because every second in Tokyo was like calorie counting: a  commute to the 7/Eleven  became  a Japanese lesson on my Walkman (iPod) while writing kanji characters, scanning the subway car loaded with Salaryman (サラリーマン,   " time layering" and multi tasking  on the lookout for new information instead of what I already found.

The Narrative

KW challenges how we think about clock TIME. No self presentation, no one telling you "I am so busy" No voices saying  "How stressed I am" like some  medal of honor. The stories which we tell ourselves  generally define time-- Yet, as long as  we  believe they  we are  busy, getting involved in projects,  we will keep telling our storyline   to anyone who wants to hear it, to validate us. It seems so real but actually so illusionary.

Even a small dose of KW awe gives me a momentary boost in life satisfaction and seemingly expands my future.

A  7 nights Bahamian Cruise, it's a mostly the Sunshine state-Florida Keys and  Disney World via Port Canaveral.

 For me, it's a celebration of  the good life and a bygone era
 I soon discovered that life in remote Key West was like living in a foreign country while still perched on the southernmost tip of AmericaHave fun up North doing battle with The Snows of Kilimanjaro,

 "It’s the best place I’ve ever been anytime, anywhere, flowers, tamarind trees, guava trees, coconut palms...Got tight last night on absinthe and did knife tricks." Ernest Hemingway.

Key West  was considered the  "Gibraltar of the West" because it is only 90 miles from Cuba. Which reminds me- the last time I was in Gib, at the rock was 2009, another pretty cool place every sailor should go.

Hemingway Quotes:

"Never go on trips with anyone you do not love"

"That is what we are supposed to do when we are at our best – make it all up – but make it up so truly that later it will happen"

- - -- by Ed Reif»
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5K Run 
This private island in the Bahamas, is a Disney Cruise Line port of call. In answer to the question: "When Is The Copy Better Than The Original?" This would be it.

 I am not talking about staged authenticity, like my visit to Papette Tahiti. Most designers spend their time creating shopping malls. Re-creating the island paradise, however, is admirable. Once used as a stop for drug smugglers.Think “Snow White” or “White Snow” .

 There is an airstrip on the island, but it is no longer in regular use nor maintained (I shot some video below) .It's unusual isolation becomes, in its own way, a paradise-somewhere in the Bahamas.. It is not Gilligan's Island but it has also been used for filming; the beach where Tom Hanks first encounters Daryl Hannah in Splash is on the island

- - -- by Ed Reif»
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Leaving Port today
You think of Reggae, and then Bob ...I'll tell you what Marley realized. If you go off into the quiet parts of Jamaica, and get very quiet, you'll come to understand that you're connected with everything...and no, you don't have to do drugs to feel this ---you are drugs!

Nuh in local patois mean don't- so No Woman DON'T Cry...he assures me, Every thing's Gonna be alright, Yet if Vegas is where neon goes to die, then this is certainly the resting place of "Legend" and "One Love" Bob Marley Nostalgia. The music still stands the test of time, and Bob Marley is an American Idol, but the country needs an extreme makeover.

4 years ago, @The GR8 Barrier Reef