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“And,when you want to truely see the world, all the world conspires in helping you achieve it.”

- - -- by Ed Reif»
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Dubai Aquarium, Ski Dubai and The Marina

Sailing in The Persian Gulf

The sacred animal and ship of the desert, Camels,juxtaposed by the SUV's going in opposite directions seems so poetic and symbolic as the past and the future meet in the all encompassing Then and Now in harmony...and yet...

The desert seems empty but hides many possibilities. 

- - -- by Ed Reif»
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The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

There is the tyrany of NOW verses the power of YET

A teacher should always be a student of life.  As an Expat, EVERY DAY I  have to go out of  my  mind to come to my senses. I choose Travel to do just that, and it  offers a Eureka  moment where becoming is better than being.

If money is life's report card, I am giving myself a grade of "not yet" — America always offers that pat on the back, that nudge--- "You’re not yet there. But you will be, you can be; just keep going.". Same here in Doha, in the richest country per capita, in the world.

I am in front of a sports car (not mine)- reminding myself that the best things in life aren't THINGS---they are people and places. I have chosen a life of "purchasing experiences" rather than stuff. It has made all the difference. Still, my inner neanderthal  has,  on occassion,  jumped  in that (type of) car and put the pedal to the metal.
This is a nice one!

I Play the LONG game not the SHORT one. There is nothing noble about being  superior to some other person. True nobility lies in being economically, socially and spiritually superior to your  FORMER self. We can't create experiences like this, we undergo them. It takes time-getting ready for change---but CHANGE is instant.

My wish for 2017 is to leverage each day. Be kind. Do whats right when no one is looking and love more intentionally. 


Evolution is wired. Revolution is tired. 

The power of Yet is wired.  The tyranny of Now is tired. 

The Earth school kills all of its students---Travel Well and Prosper...and add "yet" to the conversation. 

- - -- by Ed Reif»
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In  Doha, Qatar's capital, entire new neighborhoods have been built
 on land reclaimed from the sea. And the buildings have one thing in
common: Bling. We are lucky to be living HERE at The Pearl Quarter.

From A to Z

What a year it has been: -Annapolis, MD to Livingstone Zambia... We missed ONLY one letter Q, hence Qatar, a tiny, oil-rich country wedged between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Doha's skyline looks like it was designed by architects who didn't talk to each other, didn't like each other, and engaged in experiments they could never get away with at home. And a Qatari can live anywhere without ever leaving home. A virtual Venice is around the corner. Rodeo Drive is down the block. And there are world-class restaurants in the ancient Arab souk, which was rebuilt as well.
Qatar's 250,000 citizens are, quite literally, the richest people in the world and very content with their lives in this oil-and-gas-rich speck of a nation. It's a great place to be as we close out this one lap, 365 days  around the sun.

This year 2016 has been fasinating- Let's remember with these blog posts:

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The Pearl is an artifical island, creating over 32 kilometres of new coastline and  extensive canal system. It's Venice again.

 With the king of all birds, The Falcon

With 31 towers and over  42,000 apartments, villas, and townhouses, it's quite impressive.

Ferrari, Maserati and Rolls Royce have dealership but I'll take a Ducati bike anytime.

Talking Turkey At The Marriot for Thanksgiving 2016

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Your mother said, "Bi-son".

Home on the range under an immaculate sky

An estimated 50-60 million buffalo freely roamed upon the Great Plains (PRE Civil War) American Indians hunted them for food and they were a sacred animal.

Their numbers dwindled when the wilderness was settled, and if not for the efforts of modern-day conservationists, the plight of the Bison would be one of extinction. It is nice to see them on private lands and in National Parks.The Buffalo is a symbol of life and love of this land.

- - -- by Ed Reif»
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In America's fiction--- Everyone gets a trophy, for just showing up. EGAT undermines the spirit of competition and breeds mediocrity.

That sense of just showing up for the longest time informed and infected my thinking- A thought virus or meme started by a Woody Allen quote " 80% of success in life is showing up.". I suppose I bought into making the world safe for hypocrisy. Now I am more cynical.

I am more interested in the other 20% these days-the difference between good and great, between winners and learners. Showing up isn't good enough. That's Trophy Communism. The wussifcation of America  and Generation Snowflake  makes us soft.  America has essentially got rid of losing and many are suffering for it, and that is: The Millennial truth.

"Hay look how fantastic I am. I'm here,
 at The US Olympic Rowing training facility. I participated.
Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. And when you lose, you have something to strive for-first prize. For me, it is not an option- a socially acceptable self-deceit  designed to spare hurt feelings and puff up our self-esteem. In fact, when the truth finally shines through--that is the real downer.

How can you handle pressure, disappointment, or gain perspective in a world of manufactured triumphs?  Where is the resiliency?

I live and work with the British, so I don't inhabit a self-congratulatory society in which we constantly reassure each other how great we are doing. In fact, when I was standing at  a cross walk at a traffic light,  I got asked"Are you American?" and I said proudly "Yes, how did you know"..and The Englishman replied, "because you were smiling." It is still hard to shake off my malignant American optimism of just" being there" and "in it". Nevertheless, I don't deserve a trophy for doing something unconventional-living abroad.

To sum it up, trophies are best earned, not bestowed.