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So Much To Sea

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The Empire Strikes Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack- Last November, in the Middle East
chasing sheep and today
Same Day Different Year Sailing On Board Disney Wonder in 2011
and Holland America Noordam in 2012

The View from the Crystal Serenity after 110 Days at Sea 2011 World Cruise

The Other side of the cliff- You could easily loose your footing, and the chalk erodes constantly with rainfall-

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Keep Calm Cause Ship Happens.
I always get an amazing feeling when I walk past a ship I have "lived" and worked on. The QM2 is no miraculous exception.  This is not your typical cruise ship. In fact, it is the last of the great oceanliners- passage ships designed for 12 months brutal Atlantic crossings NY to SO'TON. Her keel sits higher above  the water line, 7 decks instead of 5, which makes it cut water better and makes for a smoother ride.

I Remember.....

QM2 @sea July 2014

After 6 sea days, we took a voyage, not a cruise onboard the Queen Mary2. This is the shortest bridge between New York and Europe. Airplanes, afterall, are like diets - I don't like being on them.
The QM2 allows dogs onboard-cute!
The Queen Mary 2 comes to Hamburg every year.
 For her tenth jubilee she got a special celebration.
I took lots of videos, and posted them for my my friends on Facebook, but this one pretty much sums up the crowds enthusiastic response  as the flagship sails away down The Elbe River to open waters in the North Atlantic...
Sailing across The Pond to NY

Here  Are Some Of  Other  Ships I lived and Worked On

Pacific Pearl P&O Australia 
Crystal Serenity- Why Pay Less?
How inappropriate to call this planet Earth
when it is quite clearly Ocean.
Celebrity Solstice- That's Greek To Me

Costa Atlantica-
 Va Veni-

Azamara Journey-Check Please

Golden Princess- Nature is More Cruise Ship Less
Princess Cruises-Alaska The GR8 Land
Royal Caribbean-Oasis of The Seas-
An Embarrassment of Coconuts
Coral Princess Panama Canal Xing The Dude Abides
Carnival Splendor- Smoke on The Water

Disney Magic- As John DeLorean said "I'm going to Disneyland."
On The Disney Wonder looking at last years ship
that I was on, The Carnival Splendor that caught fire,

MSC Poesia- The  YOUniverse

Disney Dream @ Sea Picture Perfect
Holland America- NoorDAM Ships
Navigator of the Seas AmeriCAN
Serenade of the Seas  Vitamin SEA
Pride of Aloha LOST and Found

Pride of America- Aloha Spirit

My first extended stay In  Paradise was on America Hawaii Cruises. I just wanted a different experience, and I took the first job I could get, which was a deck hand. We sailed for seven  days and each day we had a port of call
SS Independence   Aloha, Mahalo and Hanging Loose in Hawaii

1994-My First Ship -
A Rust Bucket- SS Constitution(a glorified ferry) with a lot of heart 
known  as "American Hawaii Cruises"

Shoveling Sunshine

The definition of ecstasy is that you are not doing your ordinary everyday ho-hum existence. Shoveling sunshine in Hawaii beats a day at the office

SOMEDAY is the busiest day of the week-Get Busy!

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9 Cruises I had To Go On Before I Died

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All Saint's Day is Halloween and Here I am at St Mary's Stadium where the Southampton Saints play  - that's real grass and those big things on the field are not only sprinklers but Grow Lights.

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Every time I walk into this port town, HMS Warrior- the first armor-plated, iron-hulled warship(1859) is right in the harbor standing tall and proud, a constant reminder of the age of naval dominance and the legacy  of  empire and seapower.  It  is in the misty salt water air too.
Smells like Victory, Admiral Horatio Nelson's  namesake ship docked at
 Portsmouth Historic Dockyard-the Royal Navy's most famous warship,
 hard to believe that you can fit 800 sailors on deck.

And here are some working boats back from a run on the open water
Shot this image, "Just For The Hull of It!".

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Visiting Arundel Castle,  It's never too late to have a good  childhood imagination, with Rapunzel's long blond hair flowing from one of Arundel's towers down to her love..I can hear the blacksmiths making weapons, and the townspeople cheering the knights jousting.

The Grass is Greener where the water is!

Windows 2014

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Walking downtown towards the Naval Dockyard, Spinnaker Tower is a 560 feet high landmark and the centerpiece of the redevelopment of the harbor.  Having just been in the UAE, The design is similar to the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, and I felt like the CAUSE was gone but the EFFECT was still there-like I was seeing a mirage! in the middle of a February day in the U.K.2/10/14... 
HMS Warrior- the first armor-plated, iron-hulled warship(1859).

Lowwwwwwwww Tide