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Philomena Magrath (Left) and Ed Reif with Hair!
Forever 21
Photo Credit Rich Dickerson

An Anachronism

First love is like having one watch, you always know what time it is. Now I have a lot of watches and I don't know the time of day sometimes  because my analog eyes sees a digital world.

This photo, for instance, was taken with film, now there's digital. Before there were point-and-shoot picture takers, now there are picture builders. With photoshop to tweak this and that, the older I get, the better my past gets...and the better my photos.
Growing old isn't optional, growing up is---I look and feel younger than my years, This  error in chronology is  a misplacing of persons, events, objects, and customs. The only thing I can do, as Allan Watts points out:
You must go out of your mind everyday in order to come to your senses.
After all, a fool who persists in his folly eventually becomes wise. It's not what happens that creates our reality. It's the story we tell ourselves about what happens. There's history and his story. The real voyages are not in new landscapes, but in seeing things with new eyes.


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