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Lake Tahoe October 2019

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As we move from Clock Time to Pandemic Event time it seems like it has been one long day these past 90. Answering the question, When Will It End?, is a two prong answer-Medically and Socially-it WILL  end socially before medically- after all vacines take time. Meanwhile....

The Power of New has been usurped by The Power of Now... Greenwich, UK 00° 00' 00"" GMT, That obsession with clock time-

London, July 2018

Nuku'alofa 2011
-- and The International Date Line where clock time begins means absolutely nothing in the NOW
  and also in 'lockdown; mode" home in
England as a landlubber....
Beachy Head, UK  May 2019

 but when we  inhabited our own lives...

Sarah I went around the world again in 2019, (with a few short deployments to Afghanastan).

Here are some highlights


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