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How to learn anything-Zap your brain with electricity!

With neurostimulation, could we tilt this balance
such that people move from the death spiral to this virtuous cycle?

Greetings from the user-friendly universe of  Halo Nueroscience/ Forget 10,000 hours ⚡ Develop muscle memory faster with Halo Sport — the brain stimulator for people who love playing music, working out, and getting the most out of every hour. Break the pattern of rumi action of the past and daydreaming about the future...

The challange  that we’re trying to solve is, in a nutshell, the slowness of adult learning. Nobody has really ever asked this question, “Is this a solvable problem?” Our kids feel this virtuous cycle of putting in the effort where they just take off, and their body of knowledge grows. Where adults are the total opposite end of the spectrum: We try, try, try and we don’t get enough, and then we just quit.

May your cortisol levels stay low, your dopamine levels high, your oxytocin run thick and rich, your serotonin build to a lovely plateau, and your ability to watch your brain at work keep you fascinated until your last breath. I wish you well on your journey.


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