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Live From Mexico

When I found out that I was going to my first  Super Bowl, I experienced a state of happiness usually reserved for transcendent Buddhist monks. What’s bigger and better than that-nothing! Fast Forward1998, Super Bowl XXXII Denver 31, Greenbay24--My  3rd  Super Bowl, and I must admit it played better as a MUST SEE TV event. (So I sold my tickets to a Cheesehead). Today I am watching the Big Game from Disney Cruise Ship Magic. The International feed doesn't show those most anticipated power spots (commercials)-bummer.
That same year (1998), the Vikings sold for $250 Million, but what is even more amazing was the $12.8 Billion CBS, FOX and ABC paid to broadcast NFL games (until 2005).
The fortunes of the networks rise and fall on owning football broadcasting rights. When the going gets weird, however, the weird don't turn pro, they get thinking...
You don't need a Ph.D. in Economics to do the math: The three networks could have bought ALL 30 NFL TEAMS and had free broadcasting rights forever. I guess nobody else thought of it.
This "moment" gets honorable mention in Jonas Ridderstrale and Kjell A. Nordström's book Karaoke Capitalism

The last time I watched a Super Bowl from the ship, my Brother Bob  was sailing with me; booked as the NFL Guest lecturer onboard the Crystal Serenity's 2011 World Cruise. Passengers were BOBtizeed  as he handed out the sacrament of football, (not soccer), to an international audience.

From enlightening enrichment speakers like General Richard Myers, US Ambassador Marc Ginsberg and NFL Insider Bob Reif to the exquisite cuisine of Nobu Matsuhisa, Crystal Cruises has been consistently lauded by world travelers, travel agents and industry critics for its host of complimentary features. Condé Nast Traveler readers voted Crystal Cruises “Best Large-Ship Cruise Line. here's why:

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