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If you are what you eat then I am a flaky pastry— denouncing  the cult of permanence, I have converted money back into time  and exchanged "potential" income for freedom to spend my time how I wish. I do it when I decid(ed) to live simply, working half the time, and freelancing. 

To control your cow, give it a bigger pasture.
On India's open road, in Goa,
I have  become more efficient by stopping to do things I no longer like to do. I’m not  worried  about what the world needs.  I ask what makes me come alive and do that. 

Because what the world needs are people who have come alive. 

We already have enough tourists and zombie options. Fish are  the last to know they are  in the ocean, and people in a trance are the last to know.

 When I feel l stuck in the grind and daily trivialities, I am in a trance. Stepping back, and getting spaciousness, allows me to see things from a more natural perspective. A run, a walk,  or a bike ride helps too. It's harder to do on a ship, but not impossible. In Hawaii, I was  able to store  a bike and  surfboard- In Europe , I could  sign out bikes for each   ports of call, and I took advantage of this  EVERY  chance. 
A Bike And A Prayer
in Stockholm
The bike below was actually stolen in blue-eyed naive Sweden. How Ironic, a place with the safest cars on earth (Volvo and SAAB) See The Geography of Bliss
There is wisdom in allowing things to happen. But it is so American to make things happen; and first and foremost, I am an AmeriCAN. We all need balance in our lives, and like riding a bicycle, to keep balance you have to keep moving. Balance is beautiful!



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