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Arriving In the Port of San Diego after 4 days stranded at sea
4200 passengers have gone more than two days with no air conditioning, electricity, hot running water, hot food service, or telephones, who have limited running water and bathroom facilities, sleeping on the deck,and who are being towed back to Mobile, AL by tugboats at an average four miles per hour. Group Hug please!

Carnival has another ship, The Triumph, dead in the water because of an engine fire. I just posted about my own Fire at Sea  experience last  week --It's Deja Blue- Actually Deja BREW-The thing I missed the most was Hot Coffee!

There's nothing worse than being stuck on a cruise ship that's not sinking.

It was so astonishing that I received 26,000 hits+ to date  
On YouTube- Nightline and Good Morning America 
licensed my “content” for their broadcasts.
I remember, when the Carnival Splendor was dead in the water for 4 days in 2010: no plumbing, no electricity or hot food or water—most of the 3,200 passengers were a bunch of babies, complainers, angry, some crying and shaking their fists.  When you fall in America, even on a cruise ship, it’s not that far down. We had the Ronald Regan aircraft carrier airlift 24 pallets of supplies onboard. When we got back to San Diego, they put me up for 3 days in The Hyatt, refunded the cruise and gave a free one. Why, because we are Americans and ENTITLED to that. 

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When I think of how bad things can get, you realize third world problems are not first world problems.




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