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The last time I was t/here was Nov 09

With only 6 months at sea THEN, it will be interesting to see, NOW, that I have my black belt in ships.

Think Van Valen 
We do a full X-ing from Cristabol to Panama City, and beyond.

I shot this video before I was  Youtube fluent.

Next Port Was Columbia 

From Shakira whose hips don`t lie to the Calli Cartel, who make heads roll, wherever I go here I am. My first cup of JOEse in Cartagena and Juan Valdez rewards me with (3) $20 bills on the street,
probably counterfeit!
That`s right. I found sixty bucks. It looks like I am on The Divine Payroll again...
Then I took a tour of the old city, and the castle and church standard stuff...


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