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Wherever I go there I am: Mr Right Now, under the foot of the Mediterranean Sea and under the Andalusian sunshine, meets Mr Jones.

There's a black-haired-flamenco-looking girl watching her boyfriend playing guitar. Think---The Counting Crows...Cut Maria! Show me some of them Spanish dances...

Not everyone knows that one of the GR8st Artists of the 20th century, Pablo "Everything you can imagine is real" Picasso was born in Málaga, one of the warmest climates in Spain.

As one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world thanks to the Costa del Sol, where life is a beach, I had to check this place out.

The Friendly Skies-United Breaks Guitars

I finally got my luggage back from United Airlines travel partner, Air Italia- After 5 days! Sure enough, their universal power tool--duct tape was wrapped around my Samsonite. Can't someone make a suitcase out of Black Box material just in case Italian ground crews are offloading our stuff,WTF?

How much does my luggage cost? About $180 million dollars..

Shout Out To Dave Carrol

Dave's song titled 'United Break Guitars' which he put online in a YouTube clip steered bad PR and "caused" United Airlines’ stock price to plunge by 10 per cent, costing shareholders $180 million. It has had over 3.9 Million views.

Hay Dave, can you sing that song in Italian?


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