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So I called up the Captain, ’please bring me my wine’..
My life According To The Eagles Lyrics

From Hotel @nyware to Hotel California.

It's been voted " One of The Greatest Songs of All Time",  synonymous with 1977, my  high school soundtrack and  visual vocabulary, I immediately  can access the album cover to the Eagles tour de force, while here in TX again.  Getting in touch with my inner Pope-Knowing when to quit--before the Hotel California Syndrome sets in- You know the lyrics-You can check out anytime you want but you can never leave. Furthermore, "We are all just prisoners here of our own device." Make that devices! Cell Phone, tablets,  Laptops- and aps like FB, Twitter and Blogger.
It's that love-hate thing of ever expanding options and horizons.UGH OMG. After a great day on land in Galveston, I finally found a place that was worth missing the 2PM all aboard- But I am at it again with another cruise:

Dr Evil's Petting Zoo: I Love Ewe

The Water Level was 8 Feet from Hurricane Ike in 2008

Disney Magic Docked Ahead
Typical Water Damaged Homes Boarded Up
Moody House Across The Street unaffected


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