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My Attitude Is Still  Getting Me Altitude!
The Autobiographical Philosophy is the love of telling your own story!

In 1971 Schlitz Beer commercial‘s on my B&W TV depicted adventurous men diving for gold, sailing the 7 seas.

 “Go for the gusto! ... you only go around  once in life” 

Note to self: The earth school kills all of its students. Life is like rowing out to sea in a boat that has a hole in the bottom. Have as  much joy and fun and fulfillment- because success without fulfillment is failure. 

Yet doing the right thing at the wrong time equals pain- I would recommend that everyone who wanted to travel, do it immediately. Sooner rather than later. Gather no moss.

The  digital convergence and celestial jukeboxes (Cell Phones, TV's, Computer Screens)  are the sound track and sound bytes of our lives- But the content is  somebody elses point of view. What is deeply personal is universal yet what  gives our lives meaning and gravitas is our own Autobiography.  Telling our own story is not something that we’re taught how to do. If we learn how to mine our own experience, we can find answers to the great questions of life.

The universe keeps a perfect set of books.

We are unique just like everybody else- There is above all, the uniqueness of our own story. That’s what gives us the sense of inhabiting our own lives. I think that the majority of people never get inside their own lives. That is the difference between living mythically ( The American Dream)  and living autobiographically (The  YOUniverse) where your wishbone becomes your backbone. "That is what we are supposed to do when we are at our best – make it all up – but make it up so truly that later it will happen" Ernest Hemingway

We are all living holograms, and can find answers to the deep questions of life simply by telling our own stories.  Ourlives are shaped — and occasionally misshaped — by the stories we tell about ourselves. 

The Autobiographical Philosophy is the love of telling your own story! I have been using my travels  as as a kind of mirror, a hologram of the age I am living in. The American psyche has always been based on glorifying the individual, but for the past few years it's been more about finding a community of people I belong with, discovering  my  connections with all life—human or otherwise!

I'm not a Starfleet commander, or T. J. Hooker. I don't live on Starship NCC-170...  or own a phaser. I don't know anybody named Bones, Sulu, or Spock, but I am boldly going nowhere  now HERE fast.

One day my life will flash before my eyes. I am making sure it's worth watching.

 You are Here. Travel with me:


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