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My feet are still on the ground, I just wear better shoes.
The Most Boring City on Earth, unless you're visiting For Spring Break, Biker Week, or NASCAR. Then it's the most trashiest destination. It is decreed that you must go.

Daytona earned the nickname The Red Neck Riviera, away from the Florida Panhandle several years ago, taking into account the number of Hooters, Liquor Stores, Tattoo Parlors and Mens Clubs.

It's supposedly Mardi Gras with a beach.  Miles of  junk and funk.  In broad  daylight it is all benign, compared to Las Vegas, or even Orlando.

 All I saw were a lot of fit college kids and some amusement rides. No shoulder-to shoulder crowds or wild and crazyness.

  Now it's back to the ship at Port Canaveral.  

Saw this vintage plane on the way back


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