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Go Go Goa, India- Happy Is Hippie

The “New Rich” are the Time Affluent

If money can't buy
happiness, TIME can 
In the United States of Unconsciousness, the purpose of time is to HAVE it. We  SPEND it. We SAVE it. We WASTE it. Time  IS money.  Waste your money and you’re only out of money, but waste your time and you’ve lost a part of your life. You are in Time Poverty.

Hello Dali
and the lose of
the meaning of time

Now-ism is when all you care about are  the next two hours not the next two decades, You are living faster not better not deeper....on-line banking/billing, instant messaging, fast-food, fast credit, express lanes, speed-dialing  high-speed 4G Network, and remote control for the TV DVR. You could sit quietly alone in a room, and enjoy life."Be still, and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10) When you do  all these things quickly, you end up not knowing what to do with the extra time  you gain except "kill" it. and injuring eternity. There is a folly in short cuts, where even instant gratification takes too long, BUT Infinite patience brings immediate results.

Rushing is a sign of rudeness and a spiritual/time poverty.

When  I was in New York two months ago, I did some Time Travel- I wasn't waiting’ for the train  that was running  ‘twenty  minutes late,’  I was  ‘being’ there for a train that was ‘coming’ because I have accrued time affluence. It's just a mindset.We can exert control over our perceptions of time. We can expand it- and it makes us happier.

The Planet doesn't change its speed for me because I walk upon it; rather it is my ego/mind that give me the sense that it does.

When you’re traveling, you are what you are right there and then. People don’t have your past to hold against you. No yes in yesterdays on the road. You are one of the privileged homeless. You are a Time Millionaire. 

A Matter of Time- Rush or Rest-12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days and 8,766 hours. aka The 24/ 7 /52 I am no longer  marinated in speed, no longer a “card-carrying Road Runner” racing against the clock.

I  spell freedom-T.I.M.E. Time is one of my  most valuable assets, To be truly time rich, we must be able to give time away to get some, by being more generous and volunteering, and more than that, we have to develop a practice of awe. Traveling has allowed me to do just that.

We Americans are in a time famine, while the rest of the world, the 100 million people on this planet that make less than $2 a day, are time millionaires. I started living among these people and like them. That is the other extreme instead of running ON time, they run WITHOUT time.

There is a third option-having a unique perspective on time. People from around the world do march to the beat of a different drummer. Hotter places are slower, cities have a faster tempo. Speech patterns, eating habits, schedules, clock time, nervous waiting, driving, list making---you get it?Every Culture Keeps Time Just a Little Bit Differently.

The fastest people on Earth  I found were in North American, Northern European, and Asia. The slowest were in 3rd-world countries, particularly those in South and Central America, The Caribbean  and the Middle East.

Social jet lag exists when your biological clock (keyed to the sun) and the official time differs.By not being locked down to any weather, however, and always traveling to sunny ports of call, onboard the ship, you can sometimes  forget what day of the week it is, or what time it is-It's a life without time or numbers- No Social Jet lag, winter blues, or time zones.Read More Here.
Vegetarians eat
animal crackers
We're never too poor to buy our freedom. It  is  never been about resources, but more about resourcefulness.   In fact, we are all “time millionaires ”and when we who choose to "spend" this commodity, the less we put a cash value on travel, and the less we think that money is what we need to have an adventure and live, and the less we associate money with life in general.

In the Guinea Islands(Sao Tome)
off the west coast of Africa
Being born in America is like winning the lottery-the geography of bliss- Great Location! Nice infrastructure. Things work! Yet  First World problems in the third world don’t exist .
Takoradi, Ghana
where time walks instead of flys
The 3rd World(s)  have colonized time.
Bali, Indonesia..
Beyond  history. These places and people seems to have always existed, and more than that, almost none of them are fat. We don’t need to take a a trip around the world to lose weight, although It is no mere geographical feat!, The destination s are never just places , but new ways of seeing things- like how to order time.
All that really belongs to us is time. Even he who has nothing else has that.

Nuku'alofa -Where Time Begins
Time isn’t money anymore. It’s actually worth more than money. Much more. The amount of time control I have, profoundly affects my  health, my  productivity, and my happiness…in ways that money simply cannot.

Slow' is spelled with four letters; So is `life.' `Speed' is spelled with five letters; So is `death. Note to self.

Key West has a crush on me 

Even a small dose of  KW awe  gives   me  a momentary boost in life satisfaction and seemingly expands my future. In two days ,we will sail there.

Places can actually affect how time-rich  I feel.  Like a farmer in a drought who has  no water, plugged into the 24-hour global time clock, time becomes the greatest luxury. In fact, the more cash rich I become, the more time poor I feel. Interesting? Time to claim my inheritance.


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