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Dispatches from the Frontline Of Australia

Talkin' 'bout My Demographic

Where there’s a hit there’s a writ-- Listening to "Down Under" on MTV was my first exposure to Australia Veg-e-Mite as a kid growing up in the badlands of Long Island, pronouced LAWN GUYLAND New York by we dees, dem, and dose guys who tawk New Yawk. The song "Down Under" remains an unofficial anthem for Australia and was ranked fourth in a 2001 music industry survey of the best Australian songs...but now I found out...

 Danger Men At Work-- lines were lifted from an old OZ  campfire song...  'Kookaburra sits in the old gumtree', and the band has had  to pay off a judgement of 5% of their royalties (OUCH).

At sea right now headed for Sydney...Video to follow..."Who Can It Be Now?"


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