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Football...and we don't mean Soccer

The last time Bob Reif gave up prime seating at a sporting event was The Atlanta Olympics in 1996 See Going For The Title 

This week, after some arm twisting, Bob  decided to miss his first Super Bowl in 17 years to join me onboard the  cruise ship, Crystal Serenity  in the South Pacific as our Guest Speaker; watching the international feed on Super Bowl MONDAY! ( since we crossed the  Dateline, when We went to bed on Friday and woke up on Sunday losing a day, which was actually Saturday in Texas)
ROLL Video

Passengers are advised on this crossing 24 hour  loss of existence will occur
You see, every time you cruise or fly from North America to the South pacific, and without anyone asking you how you feel about it, a day is taken away from you when you cross the international dateline. But don’t worry because when your return, it is given back to you which is even a neater trick to arrive in Los Angeles before even   leaving, Fiji. For one 24 period, in the history of Earth, it appears that you have no being… So there is a certain sense of accomplishment in just arriving in the South Pacific…I vaguely understand the principals involved here. I see that there has to be a notational line where one day ends and another begins, and when you cross that line, you gain or lose a day.


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