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The Calm Before The Storms

This was the scene before the Christchurch Earthquake and before we headed across the Tasmanian Sea---Although I am a metric atheists, I now know what 15 meter waves can do-cause mal de mer: Motion sickness affected everyone, including a seasoned veteran sailor like myself.

New Zealand's Shattered cathedral is quake city's 'broken heart'
What a difference 48 Hours can make!

In my previous post,  I was comparing Norway's Western Fjords with New Zealand's South Island's and using this score keeping system-Norway 5 New Zealand 3.5 --No disrespect because 3.5 became a 6.5 magnitude earthquake. Weird how we missed the quake by hours, and more weird, is the picture I took exposing my heart.

 I certainly was one of the last American's to go into Christchurch's Cathedral before it shattered this  Kiwi Architectural Landmark.

Some better days...Roll Video


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