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Mr. Science And The Knights Of Malta
A Tale of Two Twinkies

The list of ingredients of a Twinkie is a veritable Who's Who of the food chemical world, but Malta is a what's what of the industrial one.
For all their shortcomings, even though they are worthless nutritionally, Twinkies are still fun to eat. Try fried Twinkies! But Malta wasn't fun to visit.

I shot two videos of "regular" shopping mallTA, the treadmill of consumption was like visiting stuffed animals in a zoo--a connect the dots R&D, ripp off and duplication that starts in non-union made China and ends in Indonesian Sweatshops... but just across the way was "Extra Crispy": The hidden costs of fossil fuel---

Forget about Madd Cow dis-ease and Bird Flu salad, (Watching the flying rats,aka Pigeons),It was a pleasure (not) watching countless American tourists being poisoned by their their wild albacore sandwiches . Mercury in Tuna fish is no baloney in Malta, neither is cancer . Oncology Summer Camp was in full bloom. Benzene levels in Malta must be insane, as traffic exhausts and the power station leave their carbon footprint. I believe my IQ got lowered from inhaling their dirty air.

Mounds of Barney Rubble-Combustion

I would like to rename Malta, Fred, as in the stone-age caveman Fred Flintstone.
Mountainbiking around the capital,Vallenta, there’s old mattresses, burnt out cars and used shotgun cartridges. The place smells of bus diesel and asbestos brake dust, as sewerage drains belch out vapors stench; and there’s used motor oil on the roadside. The stray cats and dogs, and horses in the streets add to the random acts of defecation.

The leached contents of months of garbage bags give way to the first rain…


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