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Afro-Mediterranean Clearance Sale

A day without plans

A bit of "Where not in Kansas Anymore Toto" came over me as I touched foot on the Northern most part of African soil, Tunis, Tunisia.

I have no idea who I insulted by wearing this ethnic inspired Berber garb, (besides the woolly sheep who was fleeced),but I did it anyway. Since I didn't buy the magic coat (the hat was free!), extortion began at 20 euros for the picture. The shop owner refused 3 Euros, and I left.

Heavy rains and flash floods were on tap--good for the semi-arid landscape and bad for my big plans to convert to Islam.

I can't say there are any postcard moments here. It's pretty flat. Here's a 'point and shoot' shot anyway.

I'd like to teach the world to sing...A Bizarre Bazaar
The Souq was a gautlet of "Buy my carpet". The price was wrong Bob, er I mean Ali Bobba. The haggling and bargining for things I never even wated started to annoy and confuse.
The old adage" Don't drink the water" applied. So I bought a bottle of Coke. Here this guy trys to sell me it for 8 Euro:

Ali, Ambassador of The Souq سوق, tried to sell me a carpet after this "tour". Here's a vista of Medina, the city center:


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