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On the Italian Express

The isle of Capri is as expensive as Oslo, Norway.

Taking a hydrofoil over from Sorrento, I flew on the water instead of floating. It costs 27 euros($60).

When I reached port-Marina Piccola , I didn't take the Funicular (a cableway). I ran up the mountain to get this great view from The Piazzetta Umberto, the center of the island of Capri for tourists and locals alike.Here's a nice shot of the clock tower in the town square.
Running back down wasn't as easy. I got lost but it was fun speaking Italian with all these Amicos and Amicas.


L8R, I was on a Limoncello Quest, the Italian lemon liqueur. I wanted to find Louie De Palma,er I mean, Danny Devito's Limoncello Premium Lemon Liqueur (He was on Jimmy Falon's show last night promoting it). but I had to settle for the local variety, made of course in Sorrento, from lemons whose trees overlook the Mediterranean.

Makes me think of Taxi, the TV show. A bunch of NYC cabbies doing their job while dreaming of greater things.

Quotes like,

I'm not really a cab driver. I'm just waiting for something better to come along. You know, like death.
I know what love is 'cuz' I watch talk shows. Love is the end of happiness!
Some men climb mountains, others date 'em!
When I think of me, I smile.


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