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Il Padrino-Pulp-free Fiction
"The Godfather is the greatest American movie ever made" Film critic Ed Reif
It's been two months since I visited The Old Country-Sicily (Messina, last time) . Taormina is beautiful.
Put the Sicilian hat on, to get in touch with my inner VITO, er, I mean Michael Corleone, and took the local Godfather tour. This is where Al Pacino and Cast walked as Francis Ford Coppola actually filmed the Sicily part of The Godfather Film here.
Vino Veritas-The truth serum
Following their footsteps and visiting the places that were so often shown throughout the movie makes fiction better than fact today.Of course, there were a few momentary lapses of sobriety---pizza, wine and of course: I left the gun, but took the Canolis.


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