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Dutch is not a language. But an irritation of the throat. That is what Mark Twain said but I'm not Mark Twain. I always liked the Dutch. It seems like more of them  live in other countries than their own.

The Dutch employed the wind to do work. These windmills that I saw really laid it on thick with the nostalgia and typical golden Amsterdam Stereotypes.
 Edam Cheese vs Gouda Cheese both are favorites of mine. Again it seems like cheese was everywhere.All that was missing were the tulips. Unfortunately April was the season for tulips and I didn't see any of those rows of tulipmania -color-picture postcards on colorful display.

This  Windmill blew me away:It's the Keith Richards
 of windmills - over the hill but still churning out the hits.

Wooden Shoe like a pair of these Sunday clogs.


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