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 With 400 rooms, 14 miles of hallways and nearly 3 million pieces of art, wouldn't you know it-the ones I wanted to see, besides-The Rembrandt's, were relocated to a newer building across the square. Not many people went there because the Picasso exhibition and other modern artists were still being moved in but the French impressionist were there and it was nice to Gauguin and Renior and Passero.There were also a few Van Gough too.The video above shows just how cool it can be to be unattended and alone with Paul Gauguin,  the poster boy of freedom and happiness and Paradise in Tahiti.

Gauguian's local island life pictorials
 inspired me to visit Tahiti and see if
 French Polynesia was as is.

You could take a Rembrandt anywhere-even Russia- in the world, to the deserts, jungles, or islands, and everybody would immediately understand it and respond."


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