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2 Tix To The Gun Show
Traveling is an activity not an accomplishment: Yet when I look out tomorrow at the cruise ships docked in Civitavecchia. I will have sailed on almost all the brands to almost every place on the planet. That's a maneuver!

I  won’t make time for a visit to the Vatican this month. No H2OMG holy water or admiration for St Peters Basilica-Ancient Rome is old--I hope I look this good when I am over 1000 years old!

Instead I'll explore  the port city. 

Italy is different from France-It’s still Numero Uno, but not in the Napoleonic-Short-Man's-Complex sense- more like “I am Christ Incarnate” Roman Catholic sense. Wal-mart might have a ten tooth or less line, but the Hoi polloi  from Italy Don’t wait on lines—It’s just one crucible of creative chaos and Forget About It-not worth the mental energy to sweat the details.

2009 St Peters Basilica
Rome, is a city of 1001 cliches-It wasn't built in a day, All Roads lead do the trains: Actually all roads and trains lead away from here. It's just that some are going the wrong way.
Omnes viae Roman ducunt


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