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In Venice, Italy they don't have streets,
 they have canals.Today the water level reached onto the sidewalks-
 and I got some canal cred-

The Boats Of Venice

I got a FB post saying "It’s like  Disneyland", and in fact that was my first thought, and Vegas, the Venetian my next- 
Venice Italy is  however,  a city built on the water, a working, living city, and everybody gets around in boats.
NO CARS! All the traffic is watewrborne-
 All the emergency services--water ambulance , police boats, fireman; garage collection boats, Fidelity armored cash couriers.

All the  delivery-boats that deliver goods of every sort;  and  all  the postal service delivering packages letters.

So besides the stunning photos I took of the architecture and the canals, I was really amazed at the fact there were - I took a few shots-
Venice Cash-Courier Boat

Garbage Collection

Police Boat plowing through the grand canal
Water Ambulance Behind Me,Taxi in Front.  
A Simple Delivery Barge, the most common kind on the canals

Emergency Services


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