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It's The Year of The Horse, and  I am back in The United Kingdom, walking around Mayfair District, I noticed the Saudi Flag, cool.

There is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing-so I have dressed appropriately for the big chill.

Winging it at The Domaine,  in Bahrain last week.
This place has 5 star service and great food

Taking  life with a grain of salt and a slice of lemon
and a shot of Tequilla-The famous El Patron 

 at The Domaine, Bahrain 

Walking on The Strand  on Tuesday, with the English Channel in the background :
"I wanted to fly a  kite but it is over my head".
Stay Thirsty My Friends!
"God grant me the coffee to change the things
 I can or give me the Guinness to endure the things I can't"
English Leather-After a close shave


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