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Eating My Own Words(Tweets)

I am on a live foods diet again-Day 1 Feels good. L!fe In A Glass. A Garden in A Cup. Mainlining  nutrition to heal and feel Rawesome.
"I Cantaloupe with you today"
Cantaloupe Juice today  is RAWesome and amazing!
So is Watermelon Juice, Carrot-lemon and Apple with garlic-It's on!

My tweets from 2008:

  In  April 2004,  I wrote:

  • "Juicing" is the wrong word. Let's call it Liver Desludging and Overall Life Enhancing Turbo Charging Liquid--The Juicy Stuff! Oct 04, 2008 
  • Ed is on a raw fruit and vegetable juicing bender Oct 04, 2008 

The quality of your life is the quality of your communication. Health is that conversation you are constantly having with your body mind and soul. Are you ready to: Turn on your metabolism to Burn Body Fat and Build Lean Muscle Mass?

It is easier to change a man's religion than his diet. What if your diet was your religion? What if your body was not a dumpster but a temple? What if you worshiped it? What if everybody and every body became their own personal savior, their own nutritional Jesus? Their own what? Their own no-body. Experience your own deliverance through Extreme Eating 

I am back on the living foods diet, I just bought another juicer and fresh fruits and vegetables to do a liver/ gallbladder detox. It's all about Conscious eating, something I  can easily stray from when on the ships.

wrote about this  in 2004:

What is a extreme eating ? Extreme eating is based on consuming unprocessed, preferably organic, whole plant-based foods,at least 75 per cent of which should be uncooked. IIt involves juicing, blending and chopping: fresh fruits and vegetables nuts seeds beans grains legumes dried fruits seaweeds sun-dried fruits other organic or natural foods which have not been processed freshly made fruit and vegetable juices purified water (not tap) milk from a young coconut The art of conscious eating.It’s all about the water content, all about the food value. When you eat it raw, you get both higher levels of water content and greater food value.

Benefits of a Raw Diet 

Create true quantum leaps in your personal self awareness. 
Create remarkable improvements in your mental and emotional health - even in areas that have stubbornly resisted change with other approaches 
Dramatically increase your production of vital (and very pleasurable) brain chemicals related to your longevity, well-being, and quality of life just singing the suburban (cruise ship),cardboard  blues 

By going raw, you are not just stopping from cooking your food, but changing the amounts, types, and proportions of foods and nutrients in a profound way. Near or total avoidance of certain potential "problem" foods. 

Grains, which were not a part of the human diet for its 2-million-year history until the last 10,000 years, and can be tolerated raw only with difficulty, are avoided or minimized by raw-fooders.

 Significantly lower your stress levels and lower your levels of harmful brain chemicals related to stress intensely heightened senses (even colors get brighter) 
vastly increased energy 
decreased anxiety
 increased creativity, mental clarity, attention span 
diminished unhealthy cravings 
decreased need for sleep and better sleep
 increased patience and sense of calm 
glowing skin a far more delicious, yet less compulsive, sexuality a stronger, faster, leaner, more beautiful body a more delicious natural body smell/taste


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