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 Singapore- The Happy Dicatorship where the Thought Police give tickets for wearing headphones or chewing gum in public.It's just a clean, convenient place to stop over before moving on.
See: A Pain In The English

Brussels, Belgium-A beer and chocolate city of red tape and Eurocrats.
Houston,Texas-No crude oil types here-only bean counters and engineers. Everything you want in a city and less.

Oslo, Norway- Plain Vanilla-Safe cars and suicidal winters. A Big parking lot with the most beautiful looking zombies on the planet. where even chickens get to cross the road without having their motives questioned. See: Oslo You Know Where it's @

Riyadh, Saudia Arabia- Sexual Apartheid-Any country that bans the mermaid logo from Starbucks has issues-Cancel my subscription. Its silence is the most perfect expression of its own scorn. See: One Eyed Man in the Kingdom of the Blind


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