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Dating Outside My Species

Gimme Shelter

Welcome To The AmeriCON Tax Code- "My Other Home's A Yacht" Deduction 

Last time I was here, I kissed a stingray. Today,  I’m kissing the ring of  the Popes of Loopholes, Grand Cayman  Banksters, and their patron saints of  evasion, the Plutocrats.

Magic Money Pulled From the Hat!

Money  after all, is a prop, and  investment bankers magicians-  Like all wizards, they don't like to show their tricks- Their  greatest one  is the disappearance and reappearance of money. Hocus Pocus

Delaware, is  the Cayman Islands of America, but that's like saying Stanford is the Harvard of the West Coast. I had to go to the source and  see it for myself. Cash is anonymous, but like all good magicians, magic is invisible and it's hard to inventory what you can't see. Just ask John Lloyd.

So I go from Eco Tourism in Alaska to Eco-nomics  Tourist  here today. Derivatives, Short Sales, Equity Swaps, AIVs, Hedge Funds. I'm a financial illiterate with monetary dsylexia. I feel like a fiduciary-bag! I can't even play the role of shill in this global game of Three-Card-Monte.The bottom line is that these are ways to reduce your taxes that are only available to rich people.
Bain Capital's Banksters mailing
address for its funds in the Cayman Islands

 Either you believe in math or you believe in magic- I believe in the Disney Magic today!At least THAT Magician's audience knows it is going to be fooled by what it is seeing.

The Firm has been  playing on the  Cruise Channel, They ought to be playing Wall Street. Gorden Gekko’s Greed  is still good- It’s the  Sequel to “Don’t worry be happy” 80;s and Reaganomics, and the off Shore tax havens. Gotta admire it. I am not one to attack "success"  Most uber wealthy  expect a level of deference that the rest of the mickey mouse operations and workings stiffs  never experience and go mental when they don’t get a free pass on shortcuts they consider their birthright.

Sailing Under the Ultimate" Flag Of Convenience"My other home's a yacht." deduction. 

Rust In Peace-Daily Life in Ancient Rome

The emperors added holidays until, eventually, the Romans spent half their days attending gladiator games, public executions and chariot races. Disgusted, the satirist Juvenal accused his fellow citizens of selling out for bribes of “bread and circuses.” The Romans did nothing to prove him wrong, until two centuries later the empire was divided forever and Rome was sacked by Visigoths.

Bread and Circuses-Today Off Shore Looking Out at The Disney Magic

“Life is like stepping onto a boat which is about to sail out to sea and sink. We may as well enjoy the journey, because the destination is the same for all of us.”


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