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Local Style


from The Shoreline

Sailing into the bay, the the islands of Vava'u (one of Tonga's three main island groups) are located 240km north of Tongatapu. Vava'u offers  choke (many)  islands with lush tropical landscapes to explore and enjoy, famed for their white sand beaches, coral reefs, crystal clear blue waters and ideal sailing conditions.

One of the unfortunate things about cruising, however, is you don't get to spend much time in a port of call-wiki-wiki (too quick)  and this one is no miraculous exception. I did not swim with the whales, go to one of its sandy beaches, or snorkel in the coral reefs. One top of that, liquid sunshine as it  was raining!

The locals were sweet, and I felt like Ohana (Family) hanging loose like Hawaii with da'braddahs.


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