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The Map Is The Territory
Pulp-Free Fiction

A live viewof Me and this blog from the Computer University@Sea
 I am a bibliomaniac. I love libraries and books- but Google seems to shatter time and space as Conan The Librarian. You can swim all day  in the sea  of Google and still come out completely dry.

A drift for 3 more  day at  sea with a great internet connection. In the middle of nowhere, and the center of everything, this is my  definition of "location independent". Home is not where my heart is , it is where my computer connection is. Does that make me a Mouse Potatoe. Who needs rote memorization. Knowledge isn't the answer, it is knowing where to find the answer. "Why should I remember anything if I can just look it up(on Goggle)?" said  Albert Einstein.
A Live Bridge View From Crystal Serenity
A Live View of Starboard


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