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If you build it they will leave. The streets of Durban are deserted, except for this White Elephant

Sailing into Durban this morning was peaceful

A bouquet of barbed wire awaits the visitor to Durban.

Power Verses Force-Fear is a misuse of imagination, but you don't need to be a  Walt Disney Imagineering Intern to figure out, that when the hospital has barbed wire around it, in fact, the whole town is full of these thorny fences, these PPL are crazy delicious over using  barbed wire like  a bikini-just enough to protect the "property" without obstructing the view.   The FEAR acronym is at work- False Evidence Appearing Real-- except for the fact that the locals tell me it is TEAR (True). Soon I'll be in Cape Town or  will it be Cape Fear?

There are over 530 patented barbed wires,  and I counted at least  2,000 variations of them  used here in town. All that's missing is the guard towers and the machine guns and we could all go on like it was Disneyland!

The downtown "Miracle Mile" art deco  must have been like Miami beach in its heyday 15-20 years ago. The only thing miraculous was the fact that I  didn't get car jacked., considering my driver ran into a bit of bad luck, robbed twice in 6 months by gun point.  Had to call on all my magical powers  to raise the vibrational level. It worked.


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