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Mind and Matter
The Environmentally Friendly Euro Takes The Nordic Plunge

Don't Panic. We're Organic

Everything you want in a city and less---ocean kayaking, mountain biking, sailing The Fjords---I am on Autopilot, here in ECO-EURO friendly Oslo, going green,  drinking fair trade coffee, and planning my trip back to la-la land, the city of Los Angry Cars, Los Angeles. Here is the Oslo Opera house greening the skyline with its low impact visual intrusion.

Sully Who? Welcome to A La Carte Air. A New Sky Guy Has Arrived
AA Pilot Chelsey-Miracles on the Hudson- Sulenberger is out and The Jet Blue-take this job and shove it- Guy Slater is in. If God wanted us to fly he would have given us tickets--Ships and the men who love them will be a future post but the friendly skies are calling.

Airplanes are like diets, I don't like to go on them!  It's natures way of making you look like your passport photo. My 'once around without leaving the ground' mantra, is going arero-dynamic, flying without feathers, as I am headed for cOPENhagen bound for LAX on a Luftansa flight. I have decided to give avaition and airline food another chance.
We have clearance Clarence. Roger, Roger. What's our Vector Victor?

Location : Rådhusgata 32B, 0158 Oslo,

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