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Ask A Ninja Elephant

There is a certain comfort in the space of the fjords, neither past nor future. Somewhere between messy-mundane daily living and staged ephiphanies, comes God's only voice-silence.

If I try to English this, I don't feel the pain of loneliness, but the joy of solitude, and the glory of being alone.

The way of the warrior is the way of death. Sometimes you have to be seperated from people you love. And you realize that you cannot truely love someone you cannot live without.

Ninja love is invisable, a symptom of maturity.It is not the kind of devotion that says I love you because I need you. It is the other way around. I need you because I love you. Samurai coeurage, doing it with heart, is not the absence of fear but the understanding of it.

Authentic love comes from being able to walk away like a Samurai, without attachment. Loving from strength and independence is always allowing yourself the ability to go away, and die the death of your own love.
How do you love in that way? How do you eat an elephant? ONE BITE AT A TIME.
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