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Why Zebra's don't get ulcers-The Acclaimed Guide to Stress
I was at : Gloucester Ave, Montego Bay,  Dr. Cove's Beach......Time to take my meditation...reflecting less about the fear of dying and more about the joy of living.

2009  has been great! Happy LAST Year! er I mean Happy New Year.
What  about  Zebras, who  tend to live in the moment... They may freak out when lions are running after them, but they don't agonize over things that aren't actually happening. And, as the title says, they don't get ulcers. Makes you think it's all in your head- no such thing as stress-only prolonged stressful thoughts.

If it doesn't kill you it'll make you stronger...After all, Zebra's stress is short term, a matter of minutes. They either escape their predators, or they get eaten.

To Josh, Amber, Baby Parker and Wendy; Sponsored by Pampers: "We're right behind you".

" May the good Lord be with you /Down every road you roam And may sunshine and happiness /surround you when you're far from home And may you grow to be proud /Dignified and true And do unto others /As you'd have done to you Be courageous and be brave /And in my heart you'll always stay Forever Young, Forever Young Forever Young, Forever Young"

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