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I'd like to teach the world to iTune, and Twitter

Tourist season in Sweden typically ends in August--Why pay more? Admission is free, The privilege of spending time not money in Scandanavia on the last month of Summer-WTF. I am damn well gratful for the "opportunity" in

That's my definition of Stockholm Syndrome--empathizing with my captors, who have held me hostage here for 48 hours.
Checking out the locals, Seeing the side streets, going beyond the tourist traps, and the unexpected all made biking the best way to really experience Stockholm.

As literary sherpa to the critical mass, I had my headphones on to the sounds of U2, my personal soundtrack. as I uploaded phtos and videos on my G1 phone to twitgoo and y frog.
Talkin' bout My Demographic
69% of adults don't know about twitter. I'm part of the 1%ers.


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